Theatre Inventory Database

The Theatre Inventory Database is a favorite among Costume Shop & Props Managers in theatre, dance, schools and costume rental shops.

* These worksheets are a good way to gather data on your Costumes, Props/Sets and Wigs collection on paper.  Once the worksheets are complete you can enter the data from the worksheets into the Theatre Inventory Database.

Download and print as many as you need.

Costume Pieces Screen

Expanded view of the Modules and Features

Click on image to see full screen.

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Many Reports to print or email
Optional / Add on Features
Inventory Owner Module
   (You may track multiple owners of Costumes and Props in 1 database)
Patterns Module  (Catalog your Patterns (Sewing, Knitting, Craft, etc.)
Wigs Module (Inventory your wigs, hair pieces, facial hair, etc.)
Jewelry Module (Inventory your rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
Scene Shop Tools (Inventory your tools and Equipment)
2nd Installation Charge (This is for 1 organization who puts the database on 2 separate computers (i.e. Costumes on one and Props on another.)
Office 64bit Version  (There are 2 versions of MS Office/Access - the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.  The database is written for the 32 bit version of MS Access (the most common installation of Access/Office).  If you have Office 64 bit installed, please contact us for a link to the 64 bit version.)
The database has a one-time fee (no recurring costs).  The price depends on the version / package you purchase.  Click here for the Price List.
Pick and choose the Modules you want ...
Performance Management (Ensembles)
Can I put the database on 2 computers?
The license is good for 1 PC or a network.  While you can put the database on 2 computers it is not recommended.  If the database is on 2 separate computers then the data on one computer can be updated but the other computer will not have those updates.  Very quickly the 2 data sets are not the same and it is a lot of work to fix them both.
Can I put the database on Drop Box or Google Drive?
The database can be stored but not used on any of the web file sharing sites.  Drop Box and Google Drive are not set up to handle the complexity of a database.  
Installation Notes:
The Theatre Inventory Databases are created in MS Access  - a WINDOWS only program.  
The Database may be installed on:
A single PC - or - On a Local Area Network.
Go the Support/Resource Guides to get installation instructions.
If you have a Mac - click here for instructions on installing on a Mac.
Click here for a Resource Guide with more information on installation options.

Tag & Label Samples

Easy-to-Use Data Entry Screens
Many Descriptive Fields
Add up to 6 photos per costume / prop
Searchable - on many fields
Check out or Rent Costumes & Props
Install on single PC or Network
4 Versions Available
Elite (Costume Pieces, Props/Sets, Performance Management, Scripts)
Standard (Costume Pieces, Props/Sets)
Costumes Only (Costume Pieces, Performance Mgmt (Ensembles))
Props Only (Props/Sets)
Is there a web version of the database?
No - sorry.  I have tried several on-line database applications but none of them work well with the data and photos.  
If it must be on the web you can look into a 3rd party host like who will store the database on their server.  After a setup fee there are monthly charges of $25 per user or more.  Most of my customers decided they did not want to commit to the monthly fees.
Slide show of Screen Prints

Brochure for the Theatre Inventory Database


International English Version

The International English Version of the Theatre Inventory Database has all the same fields and features - plus:

     1)  All reports are formatted for A-4 paper

     2)  The Phone fields are not formatted so any format / country phone number can be entered.

     3)  The forms all all set to use the User's computer country / currency / date settings so that the currency labels and date format will be correct for your country.  The currency setting is set in MS Windows - Regional settings / Advanced settings.

Please contact us at for a link to download this version for a free 30-day trial.

Here are a few screen prints to show the differences:

1)  The opening menu shows the title of "International English".  All modules are included in this version.

On the company Setup screen you can see the phone field is not formatted and that you have the choice of A4 paper size and 8 1/2" x 11" (North American) size.

On the Costume Piece screen you can see the currency is changed to British Pounds instead of US Dollars.

All Reports are formatted for A4 Paper


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