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StageInABox - TopView
Stage with 1/12th scale furniture
StageInABox - All the parts
StageInABox - view of box
StageInABox -inserting iPad
StageInABox with Pad Pocket
Stage In A Box - Extra Actors

Stage-In-A-Box is a great hands-on tool to help teach students about set design and stage management.  


To quote their website: "Our product is a robust metal box which transforms into a stage area. It contains scale model rostra blocks, ramps, steps, cylinders, 'flats', a lighting gantry with working lights, and posable 'actors'. All the 68 components are magnetic so that they can be readily and securely fixed into place."  


I met Richard and Keith, the designers and manufacturers of the box at a theatre conference.  They are great to work with and very enthusiastic about their product."

The Stage-In-A-Box is made in the United Kingdom from high quality materials.  The box can be purchased directly from Stage-In-A-Box (see their website) with a credit card or can be purchased from Costume & Theatre Inventory Resources.  We are offering Stage-In-A-Box through the Store for those school districts who prefer not to purchase from the UK.  


You can also purchase a 'Pad Pocket' to hold an iPad or small tablet at the rear of the stage to create the illusion of a back projection.  Additional actors and lights are available too.  See the Store for current pricing.

Visit the Stage-In-A-Box website for more information.  

"I love the product - it's lots of fun and very classy.  I love the quality.  The students are excited about it." 
Kate McRaith, Drama Director, River Falls, Colorado.

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