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Uniform Inventory Resources is happy to join CutTime's list of suppliers for Inventory Tags and Labels for uniforms, performance wear, instruments, and equipment.  We have been printing custom tags and labels for 14 years and have tags and labels on every continent (yes even Antarctica !)

Your tags can include the school or performing group's name, logo, a sequential number, barcode, blank lines for text - or what ever you want.

We have

Iron-on Tags:

1.5" wide by 0.5" tall up to 1.5" tall

1" x 0.25" (really tiny for ties, gloves, etc.

Sew-in Tags:

1.5" wide  by 0.5" to 2.5" tall

2" wide by 0.75" to 3 " tall

Adhesive Labels

Industrial (Extra Sticky) labels in 3 sizes

Extra Durable Labels - a white label with a clear laminate overlay.

Please contact us to place your order.

We keep track of every order so when it is time to re-order we know exactly what we printed for you last time.

Our Iron-on and Sew-in tags are very durable and will withstand many, many washings and dry cleanings.

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