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Jewelry Inventory Database

The Jewelry Inventory Database can be used as an Add-On  module for the Theatre Inventory Database or as a Stand-alone database.

You can inventory and describe you rings, necklaces, bracelets and sets with many fields and 2 photos.

Jewelry pieces may be searched for, checked out and assigned to Ensembles.  Several reports are also available.



  • Easy to use software

  • Many descriptive fields and 2 photos 

  • Can be used for Pins, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Cuff links, Tie Tacks, Bolo Ties, Medals, Watches, Glasses and more. 

  • Do Searches and see results as list or photos

  • Print a wide variety of reports - to your printer or PDF (which can be emailed )

  • Data is stored on your computer - not online - so data is always available

  • The Jewelry Inventory database can be installed as a module in the Theatre Inventory Database or as a Stand-alone application.

  • Install on a single PC or network (for multiple users)

  • Handout with suggestions on how to add identifying labels to Jewelry and store it all.  Download or view below.

Installation Notes:
The Theatre Inventory Databases are created in MS Access  - a WINDOWS only program.  
The Database may be installed on:
A single PC - or - On a Local Area Network.
Go the Support/Resource Guides to get installation instructions.
If you have a Mac - click here for instructions on installing on a Mac.
Click here for a Resource Guide with more information on installation options.
Can I put the database on Drop Box or Google Drive?
The database can be stored but not used on any of the web file sharing sites.  Drop Box and Google Drive are not set up to handle the complexity of a database.  
Can I put the database on 2 computers?
The license is good for 1 PC or a network.  While you can put the database on 2 computers it is not recommended.  If the database is on 2 separate computers then the data on one computer can be updated but the other computer will not have those updates.  Very quickly the 2 data sets are not the same and it is a lot of work to fix them both.
Is there a web version of the database?
No - sorry.  I have tried several on-line database applications but none of them work well with the data and photos.  
If it must be on the web you can look into a 3rd party host like who will store the database on their server.  After a setup fee there are monthly charges of $25 per user or more.  Most of my customers decided they did not want to commit to the monthly fees.
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