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The Wigs Inventory Database can be used as an Add-On  module for the Theatre Inventory Database or as a Stand-alone database.

You can inventory and describe you wigs, hair pieces, facial hair and extensions with many fields and 6 photos.

Wigs Worksheet 

The worksheet is a good way to gather data on your wig collection on paper.  Once the worksheets are complete you can enter the data from the worksheets into the Wig Inventory Database.

Download and print as many as you need.



  • Easy to use software

  • Many descriptive fields and 6 photos to show all sides and styling of the wig

  • All drop-down menus (like Color, Curl Type, Wig Material, Style, etc. can be updated on the Utilities menu

  • Wigs can be added to an Ensemble record - to list all the Costume Pieces and Wig pieces an actor wears for a role in a production

  • Do Searches and see results as list or photos

  • Print a wide variety of reports - to your printer or PDF (which can be emailed )

  • As part of the Theatre Inventory Database you can install it on a single PC or network (for multiple users)


Wig Barcode ID Tags

We print custom tags with your theatre/school name and a barcode ID and number.

The tags are easy to sew into the wig by hand or machine.

The tags are very durable but soft to the skin.

Articles on Wig Care

The Sept/October issue of Teaching Theatre (from EdTA) has a great article on Wig care. Here is a link right to the article:

Wig Care
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