Barcode Scanners

Inateck Wireless Scanner

Adesso NuScan 2100U

Adesso NuScan 2100U

A Barcode Scanner is an essential tool to manage your inventory.  You just place your cursor in the program where you would type in the Tag ID # and then scan the tag and the Tag ID is written for you!  You can check items out and back in again with ease when using a scanner.  Our Inventory tags have barcodes printed that are easily read by the scanner.  We offer two types - wireless and wired.  Both scanners are durable and easy to use.

The Complete Theatre Inventory Database Package includes your choice of scanner.  Order one with the package or by itself and have it delivered with your Inventory tags so you are ready to go to work right away.

Inateck Wireless Scanner  This popular wireless scanner has a small USB connector that goes in your computer.  The bright yellow buttons make it easy to find if you set it down somewhere in the costume or prop shop.  Every month or two it is a good idea to plug the scanner directly into the computer with the cord that is provided to re-charge the scanner's battery.  

Adesso NuScan 2100U - a 5' cable connects to your computer's USB port.  No setup required but you can modify the settings (how loud it beeps, etc) if you wish.  This scanner is a favorite of our high school teachers who want to be sure the scanner doesn't walk away with their students.

Checkout our Tutorial with more information and videos.