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Inventory Tags & Labels
Sample Tag for Webpage.jpg

What are the parts of a Tag?

  1. School/Company name/logo

  2. Unique Sequential Number

  3. Barcode

  4. Blank lines or other data (website, phone #, Cleaning codes)

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We custom design each tag and label you order. 

Please send us the name/logo to print and the starting number.

Your tags can include:

  • Name or Logo of your school

  • A sequential number

  • A barcode (optional by strongly encouraged)

  • One or more blank lines

You will receive a screen print of the design with the Ruler on the top and left - to help you understand the size of the tag or label.

Each item in your collection needs to labeled with a unique identifier (i.e. sequential number) and your company name/logo.  To make it easy to find, checkout / check-in each item a barcode is really helpful.

Sew-in tag 2015#3.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Why should I put tags in every piece of clothing or prop/set piece?  It seems like a lot of work !

Yes it is a lot of work but to identify each item you need a unique identifier - like the number - to know which one is which.  It is especially important if you check out items to performers or other theatres/schools.

2)  Do I need the barcode?

Yes !  You can have your tags printed without the barcode but it makes you life so much easier if you have it on each tag.  When you scan a barcode you know it will write/display the right number (avoiding typos).  You can use your barcode scanner to help you:

  • Add a costume piece / props/set item  

  • Find a costume piece / props /set item on the main data entry screen

  • Checkout items quickly

  • Check in items really in not time with the Quick Check-in feature.


3)  What is the difference between Tags and Labels?

  • Tags are ironed on or sewn on to a costume piece, accessory or soft goods (table clothes, curtains, etc.)  They are designed to be washed / dried / dry cleaned

  • Labels are self-adhesive stickers - they cannot be washed or dried

4)  What types of Tags and Labels do you have?

  • Iron-on tags - they come in 2 widths - 1.5" and 1".  

  • Sew-in tags - they come in 2 widths - 1.5" and 2"  They can be printed from 0.75" tall to 3 in.

  • Standard Adhesive labels - 2 sizes - 1.5" x 0.5" and 1.9" x 0.75"

  • Industrial Labels - Extra Sticky for many surfaces - 3 sizes - 7/8" x 3/8", 1.25" x 0.5" and 2" x 0.75"

  • Extra Durable - Adhesive Labels with clear laminate over the top

  • Heat Tolerant labels for lighting fixtures

  • Cable Labels - a wrap-around label for cables and cords

See the boards below.  We love to send free samples - please contact us to get some.

Equipment Labels Sample Board-Equip - 2020.jpg

6)  Do customers like your tags and labels?  

Yes, we print over 275,000 tags and labels each year.  Many of our customers come back year after year buying more tags and labels. 


We have printed over 2 million tags and labels since we started in 2010.

5)  How are your tags printed?

Our tags and labels are printed on Thermal Transfer printers.  The tag materials (iron-on, sew-in, and a variety of Adhesive Labels) are ordered from a firm that specializes in custom made tag and label materials.  

The tags are printed from a continuous roll and are rolled on to smaller rolls for the Customer.


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Tags for Garments

Garments need identification tags that can withstand wearing, washing, dry cleaning and ironing.  We offer two types of tags - Iron-on (our most popular) and Sew-in (available in 2 sizes).  Both tag types are nylon/polyester and are printed on our thermal transfer printers.  The tags are delivered on a roll and printed in sequential order (if you order numbers and barcodes).  Our tags are very durable and will last for many years.

Iron-on:  We have 2 sizes of Iron-on tags:  Our standard size Iron-on tags are 1.5" wide x 1" tall (though they can be made a little taller if necessary).  If you need a very small tag that won't be seen we have a 1" x 1/4" tag with a barcode and number. The Iron-on tags are easy to apply and stay on your garments as long as they were applied with a hot (350 degrees F) iron.  We recommend the Dritz Petite Press (TM) as it gets very hot and has a small foot/sole plate so it is easy to get inside a garment.

Sew-in:  The Sew-in tags come in 1.5" and 2" widths.  The length can be between .75" tall and 3" tall.  Sew-in Tags can be sewn in with any sewing machine or by hand.  

The "How to Apply Inventory Tags" Resource Guide has more instructions on applying both types of tags.  It is a PDF that can be downloaded or printed.

See the "Recommendations for Tags & Labels"  page for a list of common fabrics and materials to help you choose which type of tag to try.  We love to send free samples.  Be sure to visit the Request Free Samples page to order yours.  

Note:  Costume Inventory Resources is not responsible for the use of these tags and labels.  We provide FREE SAMPLES for you to test each type of tag and label on your garments, props, equipment and cases.
Please test your samples thoroughly before placing an order.  No returns or refunds on custom printed tags and labels.
Labels for Accessories
Labels for Accessories, Shoes, Props & Sets

Our Standard self-adhesive plastic labels are great to apply to accessories, shoes and boots and props and set pieces.  They have a very good adhesive, very durable and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

The standard labels come in two sizes:  

     Small - 1.5" x 0.5"              Large - 1.9" x 0.75"

Both sizes can be used in:


    Accessories (hats, purses, belts, etc)

    Shoes and Boots (also see the Small Industrial labels below)

    Props and Sets

The large adhesive labels can also be applied to a Tyvek or manila (Avery) shipping tag.  See our Tyvek tags below.

Click here for an information sheet on these labels.

Equipment Labels
Labels for Equipment & Tools

We offer 5 types of labels for Equipment and Tools:

Standard Adhesive  Our Large Standard self-adhesive plastic labels  (3/4" x 1.8") are great to apply to accessories, shoes and boots and props and set pieces.  They have a very good adhesive, very durable and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Extra Durable  This is a special 2-part label: a  7/8" x 1 7/8" white polyester label and a clear polyester laminate (aka overlay). They are both extremely durable materials and resistant to harsh chemicals, abrasion, etc. The white label is printed with your company name and barcode.  You apply that to your equipment first.  Then you place the larger clear overlay on top of the label to provide extra protection to the label.

Industrial Strength  These come in 3 sizes:  2" x 0.75", 1.25" x 0.5" and 7/8" x 3/8" labels have an extra aggressive adhesive.  Good for rough surfaces.  The smaller labels are good for small props, hats, shoes (printed as pairs) and anything else you can think of that needs labeling.

Heat Tolerant for Lighting Equipment  1.5" x 1" Polyimide labels that can can withstand heat up to 450 degrees F for 20 minutes.  


Cable labels - Self-laminating labels designed to wrap around cables and cover the printed area with a very durable clear plastic.   They come in two sizes:  1.6" x 1" (up to .25" diameter) and 4" x 1" (up to .95" diameter).

In addition to these inventory labels, we also have a Clear Laminate label to go over and protect the Industrial and Large Adhesive labels.  It is just like the clear laminate on the Extra Durable labels but is sold separately.  Purchase a package of 50 labels in our store.

Click here for an information sheet on these labels.

Click here for a comparison of labels sizes.

Shipping Tags for Labels

There are many instances where you can't or don't want to put a self adhesive Inventory Label directly on a Prop or Set piece.  You still need to identify the item so one idea is to put the Inventory Label on a large manila or Tyvek tag to attach to the Prop or Set piece.  

Tyvek tags are a great choice as they are very durable and water resistant.  The Tyvek tags we sell are 2 3/4" x 1 3/8".  They have a reinforced hole through which you can use a twist tie, string, or ziptie.  Packages of 100 Tyvek tags and rolls of Twist ties are available in our store.

Manila shipping labels are available from Avery and are in most Office Supply stores.

Notes on tying shipping tags to items:  

  • String - Inexpensive and easy to tie.  Sometimes it is hard to un-tie and wears out or frays after a few years.

  • Twist Ties - Inexpensive and easy to twist on.  Good for tags that need to come off items frequently as the twist ties last a long time.

  • Zip ties - A great permanent way to attach the Tyvek shipping tags to an item.  The reinforced hole in the Tyvek tag will not tear out - even when pulled or stressed.   If you need to remove the shipping tag you must cut the zip tie and replace it with a new one.


What is the difference between Tags and Labels?

Tags are for garments.  They are either sewn in or ironed on.  They are washable and dry cleanable.  The Iron-On tag has a heat sensitive adhesive.  They have to be ironed on with a very hot iron (350 degrees).

Labels are self-adhesive (peel and stick) labels for Props, Accessories, Equipment and Cables.  There are many sizes, shapes and adhesive types.  Click here for an information sheet on these labels.

Do many theatres or companies use your tags?

Yes !  We print over 275,000 Inventory Tags and Labels a year.  Our tags and labels are on stage and in colleges and schools in the USA and 15 other countries.

Are your tags suitable for work uniforms?

Yes !  Our tags and labels are very durable for wearing and washing and dry cleaning.   The manufacturer rates image printed on the iron-on and sew-in tags as good for 20 washes / dry cleanings but they have lasted for up to 50 washes in our tests.  We will send you free samples and you can test them yourself.

How do I apply the tags ?

Why are you replacing the 7/8" x 1/4" Tiny Iron-on tags with the 1" x 1/4" ?

The manufacturer has discontinued the 7/8" size.  The new ones are only 1/8" bigger - so there is very little difference.


Iron-on Tags:  Use a very hot iron - set to 350 degrees.  We recommend the Dritz Petite Press on setting 4.  The tag should be positioned where you want it and the iron placed on the tag for 6-10 seconds. You will need to move the iron to cover the entire surface of the tag.  Be sure to cover all 4 corners.  Tags that are not applied with a hot iron will come off during washing or dry cleaning.  Costume Inventory Resources is not responsible for lost tags.

Click here for the Resource Guide on How to Apply tags.

Sew-in Tags:  Sew-in tags can be sewn in with a standard sewing machine.  It is best to sew around all 4 corners.   The main thing to remember is the use the color of thread to match the garment as the bobbin thread will show on the outside (right side) of the garment.  Care should be taken to not sew too close to the barcode.  A line of black thread near the barcode can be confusing to the barcode scanner.

How do I order Tag and Labels ?

There are a few things we need to print your order:

1) Type of tags or labels.  Your order can contain a mixture of tags and labels but we will ask you what type you want.

2)  Size:  Many tags and labels come in multiple sizes so we need to know the size you want.

3)  Quantity of each type:  We need to know how many you want.  We can print any quantity.  If you order more than 500 of any size we generally put 500 on a roll.  

4)  Design:  We need to know the text (we can print most fonts) or logo (we can print from a black and white *.jpg file) you want on the tag/label.


5)  Starting Number:   Tags and labels usually have a barcode and sequential number (0001, 0002, 0003...).  We will need to know the starting number for the sequence.  If you don't want barcodes or sequential numbers on your order, just let us know.

6)  Blank lines ??  Some customers like to add a blank line to write in information like Size, Production, or Storage Location. 

We can add one or two blank lines (depending on the size of the tag).  See the samples above.

Click here for a Tag/Label Ordering Worksheet.

If I run out of tags/labels - can I order more?

Of course !  We love printing more tags and labels.  We keep a record of all the tags we print so we know what the last number we printed was and the design.  We can usually print your refill order in 1 or 2 days. Just call (855-468-8247) or email us.

What pen should I use to write on the tags and labels?

For Tags (Iron-on and Sew-In) We recommend the Newhouse No. 1 All Purpose Laundry Marker.  These are available from Amazon and other sellers.  Other pens that work well are:  Staedler Lumocolor marker and the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point.  The Lumocolor marker comes from England so it is harder to get.

For the Self-adhesive labels we recommend a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point.

Can I return labels that have been printed ?
No - Sorry.  No returns or refunds on custom printed tags and labels.  Costume Inventory Resources is not responsible for the use of these tags and labels.  We provide FREE SAMPLES for you to test each type of tag and label on your garments, props, equipment and cases.  Please test your samples thoroughly before placing an order.  
How are the tags or labels delivered?

Both Tags and Labels are delivered on a small roll.  The tags and labels are in sequential number order on the continuous roll of material.  Each roll has up to 500 tags or labels on a roll (unless you order slightly over 500 then we try to put them all on a single roll).  If you order 1,000 tags - you will receive 2 rolls of 500 tags.  Each roll is in a clear bag with a label that shows the type of material, the starting and ending numbers and any notes.  

Why are there splices or blank areas in the roll?

The tag material (iron-on and sew-in) and the self-adhesive labels come from the manufacturer on continuous rolls of material - sometimes with splices.  Our printers use special ribbons that are not the same length as the tag/label material rolls.  There is no way for us to predict when a material roll or ribbon will run out (we can't see inside the printers while they are printing).  If either the material or the ribbon runs out during a printing session we do the best we can to skip a few inches of material and load a new ribbon or splice in a new piece of tag material to complete that roll.  We try to be as economical as we can and prefer to splice new material on a roll rather then throwing the partial roll away and starting over.  If we did that we would have to raise our prices significantly.  We are very careful to be sure that all orders have all the ID numbers and none or skipped.

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