Fabric Swatches & Data Entry Guide Book
Download the free "Data Entry Guidebook for Costume Inventory"

The Data Entry Guidebook was written to help students and volunteers identify costume pieces as they enter the data in the Costume Pieces form.   Many volunteers have a lot of enthusiasm but little training.  The Guidebook can give your volunteers a little training to help them enter the data as accurately as possible.


 The Guidebook has 6 sections.  The first 5 are a free PDF that you can download (see link above).  The 6th section (Fabric Swatches) is included in the PDF but is blank.  You can cut your own swatches from fabric or purchase the swatch set in our store.

Table of Contents:

  1. Examples of Garment Types

  2. Parts of a Garment 

  3. Garment Details descriptions

  4. How to measure a garment

  5. Fabric patterns

  6. Fabric Swatches

40  Fabric Swatches to help your data entry staff identify common fabric types.  Available for purchase in our store.