***  We only have 2 bags left (plus 2 'blemished' ones). ***
Our current sewing vendor is not able to make any more bags.  Once these bags are sold we will only be offering the Kit (you sew it) and the Pattern.  We are looking for a new vendor.  Please let us know if you know a production sewing service.  See vendor requirements below.
The Ultimate Ditty Bag™ & Kit​ & Pattern
The Ultimate Ditty Bag is designed to identify your performer’s costume pieces and hold small items, undergarments and shoes in the dressing room during a production.  Each bag is made of very durable twill fabric that will last for years and years.  The detachable laundry bag is a key feature to help collect (and return) garments for washing.  The custom numbers help you assign a bag to an actor.

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DB Report Window
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Back of Ditty Bag
Back of Ditty Bag

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  • Large, 19" x 40", bag with pockets made of 7 oz cotton/polyester twill fabric.  It is designed to hang over a heavy duty hanger. Durable enough to last for many years of productions - even with the most rambunctious actors.  Hand made in the USA.

  • Each bag customized with an easily readable ID number - each bag will have a number on the bag itself and the detachable laundry bag.  When you order the bag - please tell us what numbers to use (# 1-99).

  • Window pocket to hold a ‘Ditty Bag Card’ printed from the Theatre Inventory Database (Productions Reports / Performance Management).  The card will have the assigned ID number, performer’s name, the role name, all the costume pieces that belong to the Ensemble plus a photo from the Ensemble record.

  • Small mesh pocket - for small items like jewelry, bow tie, handkerchiefs, etc.  There is a snap in the middle to secure it.

  • Large fabric pocket - for belts, ties, clean socks, clean t-shirt, etc.

  • Large, detachable mesh laundry bag to hold dirty socks, undergarments, etc.  It is fastened with snaps so it can be removed and the contents washed and dried in the bag.  Once it is out of the laundry it can be re-attached to the correct Ditty Bag as it has the same number.

  • Shoe pockets - for 2 pairs of shoes.

  • The back has a slit opening so a performer can hang their street clothes inside.

  • A custom “Property Of ...” tag on the back where your school/theatre name, phone # or website can be printed. (Give us printing instructions with your order.)

  • Easy-to-clean bag - just Hand or Machine Wash - Gentle with Cold Water and line dry. Remember, the window pocket can’t handle the dryer heat!

** Please note - these bags are hand sewn and customized for your school / theatre.  Please allow 6-10 days for us to apply your ID numbers and Property of labels after you order.  Large orders of 15 bags or more are shipped by Fed Ex Ground - which requires 4-5 business days before delivery.


The Ultimate Ditty Bag Kit !!  

This is a KIT with pre-cut fabric and notions plus the illustrated instructions for sewing the Ditty Bag. All you need is a sewing machine (and serger is recommended) and thread.  The sewing instructions are easy to follow.  There are quite a few steps as there are many pockets but most seamstresses with good sewing skills can put together a bag in a few (3) hours.  Contact us if you have questions. 


The Ultimate Ditty Bag Pattern now available !

If you want to gather all the fabric and notions yourself you can just buy and download the pattern.  All fabric and notions needed are listed along with the cutting and sewing instructions.  See the pattern in the store here:  PATTERN   We will print 5 sets of numbers and Property Of labels for each order.  If you need more numbers - just order them in the store.

Accessories:  (not included)

Hanger:   We recommend a Heavyweight Plastic hangers.  We do not recommend a standard plastic hanger as they will break and metal hangers can bend with the weight of 2 pairs of shoes.

Wardrobe bag:   (to cover the Ditty Bag while traveling to competitions) Look for a heavy vinyl or fabric bag that is at least 21" wide and 42 or more inches long. Wawak.com has light weight bags that are very reasonable (Wawak.com).  Walmart (in stores) has one for under $10 which will hold two Ditty Bags or a Ditty Bag and a costume. You can print large numbers on Avery labels #6572 from the Theatre Inventory Database to match the Wardrobe Bag with the Ditty Bag.

** Looking for a sewing vendor to make the Ultimate Ditty Bags. ***


Requirements for sewing vendor:

1)  Clean, smoke-free working area.  No cat or dog hair anywhere in the sewing/cutting area.

2)  Large cutting area as the fabric pieces are large.

3)  Large storage area.   To make 50 or 100 bags at a time vendor will need to store 75 to 150 yards of twill fabric, 20 or more yards of netting, 2 types of grosgrain ribbon, 50 - 100 zippers or zipper tape and zipper pulls, many yards of snap tape, 100 snaps, many yards of elastic, vinyl for clear pockets and a small container of the Ditty Bag care tags.  The vendor will also have to store the finished bags until they are ready to ship back to Costume Inventory Resources.

4)  Vendor will provide thread, cutting tools, rulers, cutting mat, sewing machine, serger, iron and ironing board.

5)  Bags are paid for By The Piece - NOT THE HOUR.  

6)  The fabric, netting, ribbon, elastic, zippers (or zipper tape), snap tape (preshrunk), etc.  will be shipped to the vendor.  The bags and any unused supplies will be shipped back to Costume Inventory Resources using the Costume Inventory Resources shipping account.

7)  Before an agreement between Costume Inventory Resources and the vendor is signed the vendor will receive one Ultimate Ditty Bag kit to make.  When the sewing quality of that bag is approved the vendor and Costume Inventory Resources can discuss a contract for the production of more bags.  The vendor will be paid $40 to make the sample.

8)   A 4-6 week turn-around is expected for 100 bags.  Vendor will agree to a set number of bags and will produce an invoice which will be paid by check or PayPal.  Once the vendor has agreed to make the bags and the supplies have been shipped to them they are expected to produce the bags in the time stated.  Any bags judged to be unsatisfactory will be returned to the vendor to be redone or the bag cost subtracted from the total contract price.