top of page is a separate company that we work with.  Please take a look at their offerings.

Hoop Wire   -
hw4 - Copy.jpg manufactures the finest quality Hoop Wire to use in tutus, period costumes and Cosplay costumes.  Genelle has been a customer of mine for many years and I wanted all my customers to know of her great product.

From their website:  "Our sturdy hoop wire is specifically designed for costume and garment use, and the ideal material for constructing (or reviving) hoop skirts, bustles, corsets, tutus, crinoline petticoats, wedding dresses, and other garments where boning is required to create a defined hoop shape."

Visit their website today and tell them Margaret sent you ! 


You can sign up to have a free sample sent to you.


Travis Halsey (Halsey Onstage) created a free webinar on HoopWire - what it is, how to use it, dying it, etc.  Check it out here:  WEBINAR.  (Note:  you will need to 'register' - give your name and email to see the webinar.)

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