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CutTime & Costume & Uniform Inventory Resources are now working together to provide tags & labels for their customers.

We were approached by CutTime ( when they were looking for a new vendor to print tags and labels for their performing arts (primarily band, orchestra, choir) customers.  They liked our samples and our record keeping.  We hope to provide their customers with the same high quality tags and labels we have been providing to our theatre, dance and JROTC customers for over 14 years.  Here is a link to a page we made for them.

June 2024

Summer Vacation ! - I will be out of the office July 15 - 18th for a camping trip.  I hope to be back in the office July 19th.  Please let me know ahead of time if you need to place an order or have a call/meeting.  Thanks !

Ditty Bags:  I have 40 Ditty Bags currently being sewn and hope to see them by the end of June.  Please contact me ASAP if you want to purchase some or all of these bags.  Customers who pay for or provide a Purchase Order will be first in line.  The next batch will be ready in August some time.  

Theatre Inventory Database - Version 2024-6.  New version has 2 reports of Costumes Checked out by Production - one with the Customer Name and the other sorted by Tag ID. There is a new utility to update Costumes Cost, Replacement Cost and Rental Fees by a Percent.  For example if you need to update your rental fees by 10% - this utility will do it for you.   Let us know if you want to update to the new version.  We can help install it without any changes to your data.

May 2024

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth in Seattle.   I am slowly getting emails out to everyone who signed up.  But... Email has been very difficult these last few weeks as there have been Internet protocols that have changed to try to block spam.  The result has been that many of my emails have gone to spam folders or just not been delivered.  Things are getting better but please add "" to your Safe Senders list.

Ditty bags !  I have a new seamstress who is very busy making Ditty Bags.  Please contact me by email or phone to get on the list for the next batch - which is due by the first week in June.  I hope to have another batch of 30 by the end of July.

January 20, 2024

USITT - 2024 - Seattle  - March 20 - 23  See you there !

We will be at Booth 2907 at the Seattle Convention Center in March.  We hope we will see you there.  If you would like to attend the Expo for FREE - contact me and I can give you an EXPO ONLY pass.  We will be demonstrating our Theatre and Equipment Inventory Database software, Inventory Tags and Labels, Barcode scanners and more.  


I will be giving a presentation on Friday, at 10 am.  Contact me for more details or a copy of the presentation.

We will have lots of giveaways like last year!

Ultimate Ditty Bag Kit - XL.  We will soon be offering an XL version of the Ultimate Ditty Bag kit (no finished bag or pattern yet) for $70.  The size will be 26" x 44" with pockets for 2 pairs of Size 12 shoes.  Contact us for more details.

New Price List - We have published the 2024 price list.  The changes are:

Free shipping will only be applied to orders over $150.

Small Industrial labels - used for shoes and equipments have gone up 1 cent to $.30 each.  

The Stage In a Box has gone up a bit to cover the changes in costs in England and the Exchange rate.

The Ultimate Ditty Bag XL Kit has been added at $70.

Dec 12th 


Hi, I am back in the office.  We will be closed for Christmas and New Years but otherwise here for you.

Best wishes for the holidays.


December 2023

Holiday hours - In addition to the time away in early December the office will be closed on Dec 25th and Jan 1.

Price increases.  My suppliers are all increasing prices - plus US Postage rates are going up in December.  I use a mailing service Pitney Bowes/SendPro to get a commercial rate but the discount that is applied is being reduced - which leads to increased costs.

Shipping/Postage will be free for orders over $150.  For orders less than $150 the cost will be $9.50 for Priority Mail.  

While I can absorb most small price changes the Small Industrial Labels will be $0.30 (increased from $0.29)  All other tags and labels will remain the same.  The Barcode Scanners price will probably change in the new year.  

All quotes will be honored for 6 months.  If 6 months have passed, please request a new quote.

Mailing Costs:  Changes in Domestic and International Shipping:  Domestic: The USPS has changed how they handle mailing anything with a battery - especially lithium batteries.  I am no longer able to mail Barcode Scanners by Priority Mail (which is by air for most orders).  All orders with a barcode scanner will be sent by a new service - "Ground Advantage".  This service will go by truck and takes 1-2 days longer than Priority Mail.  It still has tracking so you can see where your package is.

International:  All International orders will be sent by FedEx.  This is more expensive than regular mail but after having a package go astray in a customer country I have made the descision to only use FedEx.  The costs are higher (in some cases much higher) but they handle all the customs issues and the package can be tracked from door to door.  


USITT 2024 in Seattle - We will be at Booth #2907 in the Seattle Convention Center - March 20-23rd, 2024.  We will be demonstrating the software, tags and labels and have the Ultimate Ditty Bags.  We also have a "Can you find it" game like last year with many, many prizes.  If you would like a free pass to the Expo, please contact us so we can send you one.

I will be trying out a new email service for newsletters.   Please let me know if you want to be added to the Newsletter list.

We are always thankful for our customers and we don't remember to say that very often.  We really appreciate you business and hope to hear from you in 2024.

November 2023

Theatre Inventory Database - International English - Updated !    The Int'l English version of the database has been updated to include the "Quick Add" for Costumes, Patterns, and Props.  The Ensembles module is updated as well. The field Ensemble Number has been added so that the Ensemble record has an ID that is easy to read and searchable.  A new Hang Tag report has also been added to print out one hang tag per Ensemble record - which is handy to put on the garment bag or Ultimate Ditty Bag.  The new version # is:  2023-11.

Equipment Inventory Database - Updated !  The Equipment Inventory Database has been updated to fix some issues with the Search Results.  Previously, if a Sound or Tools, etc record has more than one Repair record active - that Sound record would show up multiple times in the Search Results.  That issue has been fixed for Lighting, Sound, Tools, Consoles and Stage Properties.  If you would like an update to the current version, please let me know so I can help you get it installed at no charge.  The new version # is 2023-11.

Theatre Inventory Database - Updated !  The main change to the database is in the Ensembles module.  The field Ensemble Number has been added so that the Ensemble record has an ID that is easy to read and searchable.  A new Hang Tag report has also been added to print out one hang tag per Ensemble record - which is handy to put on the garment bag or Ultimate Ditty Bag. The new version # is 2023-11.

October 2023

Ultimate Ditty Bags:  We currently have 4 Ultimate Ditty Bags left in stock.  Our next shipment from our seamstress is not due until the end of the year.  If you need more than 10 bags please contact us so you can be the first to get the new bags.

New Iron-on Tag Material:  Our supplier for the Iron-on Tag material has changed.  The new material has a different feel when it comes off the roll - it is a little stiffer and requires a very sharp scissors.  Once it is ironed on to the fabric it is very soft.  You will find that the printing of the barcode, text and logos is very sharp.  If you would like a sample before you order, please let us know.  I do have one roll of the previous material left if you would like one more order from it. 

September 2023

New Versions of Databases available:  I have made updates to the following databases and they are available for download:

Theatre Inventory Database - 2023-9 - Updates to Ensemble Checkout and new Ensemble Card

Theatre Inventory Database Intl English - 2023-9 - Updates to Ensemble Checkout and new Ensemble Card

JROTC Uniform Inventory Database 2023-9 - Fixed issue with Checkout Receipts / Update Uniform Costs and Replacement Utility

Music Dept Inventory Database 2023-9 - Fixed Issue with photo rotation.  Added Update Costs by Uniform Type, Added Comments to Checkout Receipts

Windows Download Issues:  It appears that Windows 11 is getting very, very fussy about downloading *.exe files.  While you may be able to download the file it will be "Blocked" from running.  To fix this:

1)  Go to the Download button on the Browser         It may be blue in color

2)  Find the *.exe file you just downloaded - i.e. TheatreInventoryDatabase 2023-9 Setup.exe

3)  Notice that it says "Blocked - Uncommon File"

4)  Click on the tiny arrow next to the "Delete" Button.

5)  On the next popup - Select "Continue Download"

Download Blocked 1.jpg

6)  In the Download folder - look for the File and open it.

7)  When you open it - you may see a warning from Windows - click on "Install anyway"


8)  Next you should see the 1st install screen.  You will see "Costume Inventory Resources" as the verified publisher.  CLick "Yes" and the installation will start.

Install Q.JPG

August 2023

Issues with database downloads:  I am working on the issues that have come up this summer with the database  downloads.  I am working through all the databases but the Patterns and Uniforms Inventory Databases are updated and ready to download.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Texas Educational Theatre - Unfortunately, I will not be attending the TxETA conference in Galveston in Sept.  I hope to be at USITT in Seattle in March, 2024.  

July 2023

I apologise that I was out of the office from July 16th - 22nd.  We had a family medical emergency.  I will be in the office Part Time for the rest of the summer.  Please leave me a message by email or phone (855-468-8247) if I am not in the office when you call.



May 2023

Price increases for the Ultimate Ditty Bag /Kit and Stage In A Box coming June 1st

Due to ever increasing shipping costs for large items the price for the Ultimate Ditty Bag is going up to $95 (from $90) , The kit is $55 (from $50).  Also, there will be no bulk discounts for the Ultimate Ditty Bag or Kit.  (The costs for the Pattern are staying the same.)   I'm sorry to do this but my costs keep going up.  I have a wonderful seamstress who makes the Ditty Bags for me but she isn't close by.  I mail the cut fabric and notions to her to sew and she ships them back - which adds to my costs.

The Stage In A Box is going up to $590 from $585.  The changes will take place on June 1st. 

Rack Dividers will be discontinued.

Once I sell out of the last 2 packages of Rack Dividers I will no longer be carrying them.  These 2 packages of 50 dividers will be discounted to $40 (from $60).  You can purchase them from WAWAK (  

I will still be selling the small Adhesive Pockets to put on the Rack Dividers.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

April 2023

New Tutorials on Barcode Scanners

Several customers have found that after a long period of inactivity their scanners don't seem to connect to the computer any more.  The issue is usually that the scanner needs to be charged or reset.  I have added tutorials on how to reset your Barcode Scanner to the factory default settings.   Here is the link:  Barcode Scanner Tutorials .  Let me know if you have any questions.

InateckBarcodeScanner 2.jpg

USITT 2023 

We had a great time at USITT 2023 in St. Louis last month.  We had many enthusiastic visitors to our booth.  If you signed up to get on our mailing list - you will be receiving an email this week to thank you for your visit and send you the 10% off coupon.  We hope to see you all again in Seattle next March.


New this year - we had a game where you picked a card out of a hat with the name of a costume, prop, wig, pattern, etc.  Once you found the item there was a barcode on the back where we looked up the item and the prize you won.  Our prizes were very popular - they included a tape measure lanyard, mini screwdriver set, a Ditty Bag Pattern or Kit and chocolate!

Our booth at USITT 2023 - St. Louis

Peter talking to visitors

February / March 2023

Best wishes for 2023 - I hope this year is one of the best !

Click here to go to the USITT website.

USITT - 2023 - St. Louis - March 15th - 18th.   -  Free Expo pass !!  (contact us)

America's Center Convention Complex, St. Louis, MO

We hope to see you at the USITT Expo this year.  This is our first conference since 2019.  We will be at:

Booth 832 - It's a bit of a walk from the entrance.

  • We will be demonstrating the latest in the  Theater and Equipment Inventory Databases,

  • Tags and labels

  • The Ultimate Ditty Bag

  • Inventory Work Station and Photo Station

  • Hoop Wire (The perfect wire to create a beautiful hoop shape for your garment or costume)

  • "Can You Find It? " game with prizes for everyone !

I will be giving a presentation "If you can’t find it, what will you use on stage??? Learn how an inventory system can help you."   Friday, March 17th, 1 - 2 pm.  Room: 132-Americas Center.  See you there !

Exhibit Map 2023.jpg

Quick Add - New Feature !

In an effort to make data entry go faster, we have added the “Quick Add” feature for Costume Pieces, Props/Sets and Patterns modules.  Look for the green "Quick Add" button in the form header.

The Quick Add screen has an expanded view of the most commonly used fields where you can quickly click in the Select Check box rather than going to each field and using the Drop Down Arrow to select a value.

QuickAdd 2023-1-11.jpg

Just click in the check box to pick the value you want for each field - then click on "OK Finish".  The program will build the values for the Costume Name and Description fields based on the selections you make.   You can create a record in about 20 seconds and then return to the Costume Piece (Props/Sets, Pattern) record and add the photos and make any other edits.

To update your version of the Theatre Inventory Database to the 2023 version, please contact us to make an appointment.  Plan on at least 45 minutes to update your database with new tables and features.

Updates are free to anyone who purchased the database in the last year (2022) or has purchased at least $250 worth of tags/labels in the last year.  If you haven't been a customer in 2022 the cost will be $75.

Scripts Database - New fields 

The Scripts data entry form has a few fields:  Genre, # in Cast, # of part for Males , # of parts for Females, # of Either Gender parts, RunTime, Composer and Lyricist and Productions.

Scripts - Checkout-Notes.jpg

Props Only Database Updates

The Props Only database (with Props/Sets and Shop Tools) has been updated as well to include the Quick Add feature plus  the Photo Rotation function has been fixed for all forms.  Contact us if you would like to do the update.

November 2022 

Minor update to Theatre / JROTC Inventory Database - 2022-11  

There has been a minor update to the Theatre and JROTC databases to fix an error in the Costume / Uniform Checkout.  Please contact us you are experiencing issues with the Costume / Uniform "Add New Checkout/Rental" function.  We can replace the database frontend very easily.

Ultimate Ditty Bags !!

My seamstresses have been very busy sewing Ultimate Ditty Bags !  If you want them for your spring production - now is the time to order!  We also have plenty of kits for you to sew if you have the time.

USITT - 2023 St. Louis

We are getting ready for the USITT Conference - March 15th  - 18th, 2023.  If you would like to attend the Expo for free - please contact me in February or March and I will be able to send you a free pass.

We will have a booth to demonstrate our Theatre Inventory Database, Inventory Tags and Labels, the Ultimate Ditty Bag, Rack Dividers and more.  

If you are in the St. Louis area - please add this date to your calendar.  We would love to see you.  We will have more information as we get organized !

October 2022

International English  Versions - Theatre and Equipment !

The International English Version of the Theatre Inventory Database has been updated to Version 2022-10 to  include Sheet Music and more Checkout Reports and the updated Pattern screen.  If you have an older version of the database and would like to upgrade, please let me know so we can set up a date/time to give you the latest version.

The International English Version of the Equipment Inventory Database is also available. Contact us to get the link to download.

Both versions have the option to print all reports (except labels) in either the A4 or Letter format.  The Currency symbols and date format will match your settings in Windows.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to have a demonstration over Zoom.

DressBLACK-tag-stage 150x150.jpg

September 2022


Ditty Bags - In stock  We have almost 50 Ultimate Ditty Bags in stock and ready to be customized for your school or theatre.   We have two wonderful seamstresses who are sewing more all the time.  Please place your order soon to have them ready for your fall production !  Order here !      We have dozens of Kits ready to go as well.  The Pattern is also available.

Updates to Databases !

Theatre - Version 2022-9 

  • Patterns used for Costumes In Productions - Now for any costume used in a Production (Costume Pieces List or Ensembles assigned to Roles) that is linked to a Pattern record you can see a list, a Photo Gallery or print a report with photos of the Pattern Envelope and Costume Piece.









  • Fixed Pattern screen to improve image display  - Previously if you had a small screen and needed to scroll the Patterns screen the images of the pattern envelopes would be cut off.  Now we have modified the screen so that the images are always completely displayed.

  • Jewelry Used in Productions - Now you can list Jewelry that is used in Productions

  • Added Sheet Music  The Sheet Music module has been added to the Theatre Inventory Database module list.  This is a $25 add-on.

Equipment - Version 2022-8

  • Fixtures - A new field - "DMX Start Address" has been added.

  • Gels - The Gel List screen has 4 new fields - "Estimate of Color" (based on RGB values), Qty of 6 1/4", Qty of 7 1/2", Qty Sheets.  The list of Gels also includes these new fields.

JROTC - Version 2022-9

  • Checkout screen - a new field "Return Status" has been added.  There are 5 options - "Returned - Serviceable", "Returned-Unserviceable", "Not Returned- Paid", "Not Returned-Not Paid", "Do Not Return".  When an item is returned the status is changed to "Returned Serviceable" .  If that is not correct you can change the status.

  • Checkout  an item multiple times on the same Checkout record - If you want to allow a Cadet to checkout an item, i.e. a Jacket in their first year, then return it at the end of the school year, then checkout that same jacket again in their second year - you can do that.  This way you can have a single checkout record for a cadet and see the history of everything they have ever checked out.

  • New Report - "Print Checkout Summary" - This is a list of everything a Cadet has checked out.  The report is separated by Return Status so all current checked out items are listed at the top and the items returned are below.

  • New Report - "Print Payment Due" This is a report to show the total payment due for items not returned or damaged.

Uniforms & Music Dept. - Version 2022-9

  • Application Titles popup - When you start the database you will see a list of choices to change the titles used in the program.

  • Student/Employee Checkout Summary report -  You can print a list of everything a student/employee/individual has checked out.

MS Access 2010 -  Microsoft has discontinued support for MS Access 2010 in light of the fact that it is 12 years old.  They are supporting 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.   Our databases will continue to run in MS Access 2010 but we are shifting our development platform to MS Access 2019 / Office 365.  Please contact us is you have any questions.

New Order Worksheets for JROTC, Uniforms and Music Dept Inventory.

We have found that every JROTC, Uniform (Cheer/Spirit, Security, etc) and Music Department have different needs for the database, tags and labels, scanners, etc.  The Package deals in our store don't always work for them.  To make it easier we have created Work Sheets for you to list just what you need and send them to us.   Checkout the individual pages on the website for the Worksheets.

New Tag Sizes and Price Increases coming !

We are 2 new sizes of Iron-on and Sew-in tags - 1.5" x 0.5". These are pretty small but customers are requesting this size so we are adding it to the store options.  As always we will customize your tags to give you the right size and type of tags you need.

Here is a Size Comparison to help you see the differences.













We will be increasing the price of the Tiny Iron-on Tags (by $0.02) and the Stage In A Box by a bit.   The minimum order for Free Shipping is now $99.  We are being hit with the same cost increases that everyone it.  We try to keep our prices very low but our costs for materials and Post Office charges are going up all the time.  Click here for updated Price List.

Ultimate  (XL) Rack Dividers !

Several customers have inquired about larger Rack Dividers that are easier to see and read.  Each hanger has a place for a card to write on.  We have found the Ultimate Rack Dividers from 3 vendors:

Patin-a  - a German company has these bright yellow (and black) dividers.  2 Euros + Shipping

   Pros:  Easy to hang and has small cable to hold on rack.  2 Colors: Yellow and Black

   Cons:  Shipping is costly for small orders.

Amazon (NAHANCO BRDSY Large Garment Rack Divider, Yellow (Pack of 25))  $22.57  

  Pros:  Inexpensive - easy to get from Amazon.  Two colors - Yellow and Black

  Cons:  Can fall off rack - no way to secure the top.

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply  $5.49 each plus shipping  Black Only

  Pros:  Large card to write on.  Easy to get from website

  Cons:  Color - Black only.  More expensive than others.   Hook to go over rack is small.

PatternScreen 2022-9.jpg
Stampoutline 2.jpg

Free USA Shipping  for orders over $99 !

Patin-a Yellow Rack Divider.jpg
ManhattanWardrobe-XL Rack Dividers.jpg
Patin-a Yellow Rack Divider on Rack.jpg
Patin-a Yellow Rack Divider with holder..jpg

Theatre Teacher Conferences:  Unfortunately, we will not be attending any Theatre Teacher Conferences this fall.  We are looking forward to attending USITT in St. Louis in the spring.

July 2022

The JROTC Uniform Inventory Database is here !  

We are happy to announce that the Uniform Inventory Database has be updated and customized for our JROTC (Air Forces, Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) customers.  Please check out the new pages here:

We have a special package designed for JROTC programs:

UniformInvDBKit 2022-07-04.jpeg
  • The JROTC Uniform Inventory Database (software)

  • 500 Iron-on Tags

  • The Dritz Petite Press

  • Inateck Wireless Barcode Scanner

  • Mini Ironing Board 

  • Instructions for Applying Iron-on Tags

  • Quick Guide to the database

  • Zippered bag to hold everything when not in use


All for $495.  Contact us for more details.  You can order more tags and labels with the package or at any later time.

May 2022

The Ultimate Ditty Bag is back !!

The Ultimate Ditty Bags are back in stock!  We have found a wonderful seamstress to sew bags for us.  We have 11 in stock now and two dozen more on the way.  Place your order now and get your bags just in time for your next Production.  We always have the Kits (to sew yourself) and the Pattern available as well.   Call us or go to the store to place your order!

Theatre Teacher Conferences - Fall 2020

Unfortunately, we will not be attending any Theatre Teacher Conferences this fall.  We are looking forward to attending USITT in St. Louis in the spring.


December 2021 / January 2022

NEW !  Inventory Project Checklist and Inventory Work Station Setup

To help new users with getting their inventory project set up we have added several new pages to our Help Desk / Support pages.  We have a Checklist to help people learn about what a database can do for them, how to set up an Inventory Work Station and more.  Let us know what you think !


Having trouble visualizing how to keep all your PC,  inventory tools and tags/labels in one place? 


An Inventory Work Station can be your central place of work to manage your collection.  Click here to learn how to set up your own station.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Updates for Theatre Inventory Database:  A "Favorite Tabs" option and other features have been added to Theatre Inventory Database.  In the 2021-12 version of the Theatre Inventory Database the following updates have been added:

1)  You can now select several 'Favorite Tabs" to open all at once when you open the database.  This will save a little time and allow you to open a data entry form - like Costume Pieces - without having to go through the menu.  See the "?" on the Main Menu for help on getting started.

2)  New report of all Checkouts by Costume Type for a selected date range.

3)  The 'Sort By' buttons on the Checkout summary tabs on the Performer and Organizations screens have been fixed.

4)  The list of Productions on the Productions screen and the drop-down menus is now sorted by the Current/Not Current and Production name so the current productions will all show first - then the non-current ones.

Please let me know if you would like to update your version.  It will only take a few minutes through a Team Viewer session.

Windows 11  - We have tested the Theatre Inventory Database with Windows 11 and it works just fine.  We are in the process of testing all our other databases but we don’t anticipate any issues.  If you have upgraded to Windows 11 and are having issues, please let me know and I will look into it right away.   I will be updating our Resource Guides as soon as I am able.

5% Discount going away January 1st   The 5% discount which was applied to most orders (except the Ultimate Ditty Bag and Stage In A Box) will be going away at the end of 2021.  This discount was our way of trying to make it a little less expensive to get your theatre / organization organized as we all come back to work.  Due to rising costs for tag materials, printer supplies, postage and other items we just can't sustain the discount.  We will not be increasing prices, just discontinuing the discount.  All Quotes with the 5% discount will be honored for 6 months.  Please contact us with any questions.

Ultimate Ditty Bag Kits available:   While we only have 3 complete Ultimate Ditty Bags in stock we have plenty of Ditty Bag Kits for you to sew.  Our bag manufacturer is very low on staff and doesn't think they can make any finished bag for at least another 6 - 8 months.  So if you are looking to have the Ultimate Ditty Bags for your spring performances, now is the time to buy the kits and get sewing.

Email addresses for Uniform Inventory discontinued.    As of January 10th the"" and "" email addresses will be going away.  I am trying to streamline my communications and reduce costs.  Please use the "" or "" addresses from here on.

November 2021  

Data Entry Guidebook - Updated

The Data Entry Guidebook - a free PDF - has been updated.  We hope it will help you and your staff

with identifying your costume pieces and jewelry so that your data entry records are as complete

and accurate as possible.

The updates include:

1)  Updated the Garment types to be have styles you are more likely to encounter.  A whole page is devoted to Men's Hats and Shoes.

2)  Updated the Garment Details to have cleaner images and text.  

3)  A new section on Time Periods / Eras.  There are descriptions and many drawings to show garments from the Renaissance to 2000.  Each Time Period/Era also has a list of movies or TV programs that have particularly good costumes for the period.

4)  A new section with Jewelry types and diagrams.

5)  The PDF has Bookmarks to help you if you are reading it on a tablet or on-line.

6)  There is a new Introduction to explain why having complete and detailed records helps you use the database

7)  There are 10 sections so it can be printed, placed in a 1" binder with 10 (2 sets of 5) divider tabs.

You can view the Guidebook here on the Fabric Swatches page:

Here is a link to download the PDF:

If you find any errors in the naming or descriptions, please let me know and I will update it.


"Become The Expert" series temporarily unavailable

The "Become The Expert" series of lessons is getting reworked to make it more current and usable.  If you would like to see the lessons during this time, please contact me and I can send them directly to you.   We are re-working our Support page and documents to make things easier to find and more helpful.  Please contact me - if you have any questions.

October 2021  

MS Access Trust Center Settings:

The first time you use MS Access for the Theatre (Equipment, Uniform, Music, etc) database you need to update the Trust Center Settings.  I have just added a video to help you do that.  Here is the link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

September 2021

MalwareBytes issue with the Photo Rotation function.   

A recent update to MalwareBytes software has created a conflict with the Photo Rotation

function in all the databases.   To work around it you need to update your settings in

Malwarebytes as follows:

Go to "My Account" - "Security"

Look to the bottom of the screen for "Exploit Protection" and click on

"Manage Protected Applications"

On the Popup screen look for MS Access and Turn Off the protection.

Restart you Inventory Database and the Photo Rotation function will now work.


Please note that as of Sept 7th all International Orders will have a 2% surcharge added to accommodate the currency exchange fees.  I'm sorry to add any additional prices but the bank fees keep increasing.

** New Wired Barcode Scanner - Symbol LS2208 **

This year we have offered several different wired Barcode Scanners as the availability of scanners has changed quite a bit.  Due to chip shortages in China several models we used to carry are no longer available.  Prices have gone up and down but mostly up.  The Symbol LS2208 is a slightly less expensive wired scanner but seems to work very well in our testing.  This scanner is available as a single item and as part of our Complete packages.  Please let us know if you need more information.  Note:  The price of this scanner is less than the Adesso one and the price list has been updated.

MalwareBytes Protected Applications.jpg

Summer 2021

New versions of the Theatre, Equipment, Uniform and Music Dept Inventory Databases 

Coming in July will be new versions of our popular Inventory Databases. The Version # are 2021-7.

Here are a few of the new features:


  • New "How to Begin" popup forms with instructions on how to create a record in the Costume Pieces, Props/Sets,etc.

  • Can't remember what you checked out or in recently ? There is a new "Activity Report for Checkouts / Check-ins".  Enter the in the dates you want to check and see all the items checked out, checked in or sent to the cleaners.

  • On the Receipt No Fees and Current Checkout  Receipt/Invoice reports the total Replacement Costs will be listed for all items not returned.

  • The "Scripts" module will no longer be included in the Elite Database software.  The price of the Elite database will not be increasing (see notes on price increases).  The Scripts and Sheet Music databases will be available as Add-ons ($50 each).

  • New Search option to search Costume Name and Description at one time.  New Search option to search Props/Set Name, Description and Materials at one time.  New Search option to search Jewelry by Name and Description.

  • New Table for Costume Pieces, Props/Sets, Wigs and Jewelry - "Source".  You can write the source of the item in the Source field or take it off a Drop-Down List.

  • The Individual or Organization for a Checkout or Rental can now be easily changed after the record has been created.


  • Now you can add the PDF files for PDF patterns to the database.  You can view and print the PDF's directly from the database.  You can add 2 PDF's per Pattern record.

Equipment:   (Updating in early August)

  • Can't remember what you checked out or in recently ? There is a new Activity Report for Checkouts / Check-ins.  Enter the in the dates you want to check and see all the items checked out, checked in or sent to the cleaners.

  • New "How to Begin" popup forms with instructions on how to create a record for Lighting, Sound, etc.

Music & Uniform Inventory Databases:

  • Now you add the Books (Scripts) module to check out books, instruction manuals, etc. to your students and employees.  There is an add-on fee of $50 for the Books module.

  • Can't remember what you checked out or in recently ? There is a new Activity Report for Checkouts / Check-ins.  Enter the in the dates you want to check and see all the items checked out, checked in or sent to the cleaners.

  • New "How to Begin" popup forms with instructions on how to create a record for Uniforms, Equipment, etc.

  • On the Receipt No Fees and Current Checkout - Checkout Receipt/Invoice reports the total Replacement Costs will be listed for all items not returned.

Scripts and Sheet Music will be available as Stand-alone databases or as Add-ons for the Theatre or Uniform databases. 


Ditty Bags - 

Sadly, our current sewing vendor is not able to make our Ultimate Ditty Bags right now.  I only have 8 left in stock.  Once those are gone I will only be offering the Ditty Bag Kits and Patterns.  

If you know of a commercial sewing company that could make the bags (125 at a time), please let me know.  The sewing is very straight forward and I can supply all the fabric and notions.  See this link for information on what we are looking for in a new vendor. 

Price Increases coming soon ...

Due to price increases by several of my vendors (Tags & Labels, Barcode Scanners, Ditty Bag Fabric, Credit Card fees, to name a few) I will be increasing the prices on many of my products.  The cost of the software will not change but any packages that include Inventory Tags or Labels and Barcode Scanners will go up.   The new prices will go into effect September 1st, 2021.  See the updated price list here.  All quotes that have been issued will be honored for 6 months.  

Our 2021 5% Discount will be continue until the end of 2021.   The Free Update of the Inventory Databases will still be offered.

April 2021

New textbook from Tracey Lyons - University of Wisconsin – Whitewater  - Costume Inventory Resources customer

Tracey Lyons of UWW recently published a  textbook - "Sewing Techniques for Theatre, An Essential Guide for Beginners".   

From the publisher:  "Sewing Techniques for Theatre: An Essential Guide for Beginners distills the intimidating art of sewing down into simple, quick, and effective lessons to prepare readers for an entry-level position in a costume shop. The lessons follow an hour-by-hour structure, offering detailed instructions to creating 11 sewing samples, a scrub shirt, and a tote bag. Embedded in the projects’ directions are lecture materials on safety, irons, fabric, and patterns. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, review questions, photographs, and step-by-step instructions for compiling a portfolio, this guide teaches aspiring costume technicians about the culture and machinery of the costume shop, and equips them with the necessary skills to begin their career as members of a costume shop team."

You can also read a review in the recent issue of the USITT journal "Theatre Design & Technology".

It is available from

March 2021

Windows 10 update causing issues with printing photos in reports !

In a recent update to Windows a change was made in how images are displayed in reports.  This change affects our Inventory Database (Theatre, Equipment, Music, Uniform, etc) programs in that when you print / print preview / pdf a report any place a photo/image is - will be black or blank. There is no problem with the photos or the program – just the way Windows treats the image when it prints. 


According to the maker of dbPix the issue is definitely due to a recent MS Windows update/patch.  Here is their notification: 


Several dbPix users have reported new issues related to report printing in the last few days (since 10 March 2021).  Investigation and testing reveals that recent Microsoft Updates KB5000802 or KB5000808 or KB5000822 are responsible for the issue, and these updates are causing printing-related problems worldwide including 'BSOD' system crashes.


We were able to reproduce report printing issues (black areas on the print) with the Microsoft Update KB5000802 installed, and when we un-installed the KB5000802 update the reports printed correctly.  The different KB numbers appear to apply to different versions of Windows 10 and/or Windows Server.


There are fixes available to download from Microsoft and install.  The patch you download is specific to the Windows version:


You can download and apply this patch manually to fix printing issues right away.  We hope that this will become an automatic operation via Windows Update.  One user did obtain the update via Windows Update but he didn't think it worked until he manually downloaded it from the addresses we provide below. 


If you need the patch now you can get it from the address below.  Note that you'll need to identify the exact version of Windows you have - in the case of Windows 10 that means whether you have version 1903, 1909, 2004 or 20H2, and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit. 


Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909:


Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2


For many of you on school/university/theatre computers you will need to ask your IT Staff to do the patch/update for you.  If you are on a personal laptop you may be able to do the update yourself.  If you are not in a hurry to print reports with photos you can probably wait a few weeks when Microsoft will probably release a new patch that fixes the problem.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

February 2021

Happy 2021 !  I am so glad that 2020 is behind us.  I am looking forward to this new year and hope you are too.

I have been working on a lot of updates to the databases and have published new versions.   During 2021 I will be upgrading your software to the new version for free.  Please contact me to set up a time to do the update.

Here is a quick summary:

1)  Fabric and Notions Inventory Database.  I have had requests for this before and decided this was the time to write it.  The database will keep track of you fabric, trim, fasteners and anything else you wish to track.  At the moment it is a stand-alone database (not linked to anything else).  Once I see how people want to use it we can talk about adding it as a module to the Theatre or Pattern Inventory Databases.  Take a look here.

2)  Pattern Inventory Database.  The Pattern Inventory Database has been updated with new fields and utility functions.  The new fields are Designer, Envelope (Envelope/No Envelope/PDF), Cut/UnCut, and Vendor.  You may search on these new fields as well.  You may also print out lists of the Utility tables - Category, Designer, and more - to help you keep track of what you have.  See the screen below with the new fields.

3)  Theatre Inventory Database -


  - Props/Sets - There are 2 new fields - Depth and Weight (which are added to the Height and Width fields).  The search feature and the reports have been updated too.  

  -  There is a new Utility - "Print Utility Table Values"  feature has been added to the Costume Pieces and Props/Sets modules as well.  This allows you to print out the contents of the Lookup tables (i.e. Costume Type, Fabric, Prop Item, etc).  This utility along with the Data Audits forms will help you keep your database more accurate.

--  Reorder tabs - In the Props/Sets and Costume Pieces form you can re-order the tabs to be what you want.  If you want Productions listed first - ok.  If you want Rental History first - you can do that.  The Reorder function is on the Utilities menu for Costume Pieces and Props/Sets.

4)  The Theatre, Props-Only, Pattern and Fabric databases have all been updated to work on the 32 bit, 64 bit and Runtime installations of MS Access 2010 through Office 365 (Office 2019).  The Equipment Inventory Database is already set to work with the 32 and 64 bit versions - but to use the Runtime you will need to contact us.  The Updates to the Wig,  Jewelry, International English and Uniform/Music databases will follow soon.

5)  Export data and Photos to the web:   I have had many requests for exporting data from the Theatre Inventory Database to the web so that visitors to customers' websites can look at Costumes and Props/Sets - both the data and photos.    This is a challenging project but I have created a sample data set that you can review.  

Sharing your database on the web has a lot of complications and issues.  See this handout with more details.

You really don't want your database on a web platform for just anybody to see and edit.  It is safer to allow selected customers or collaborators to download a selection of the data to an Excel Sheet which they can open on their own computer.  Here is a webpage with more info and a link to download a sample Excel file.

The way it works (at the moment) is:

1)  You will export your data to a spreadsheet.  You will do some simple manipulation of the spreadsheet and save it as a *.zip file.  You will then copy it to your website.

2)  Your visitors will download the spreadsheet to their PC or Mac.  If they open it in a full version of Excel they will be able to see the photos.  If they open it in the web version - they can still filter and sort the data but they won't see the photos.

Fabric + Notions Inventory Database

To Filter/Search/Sort - click on the arrow at the column name.  

To view a photo - over over the Tag ID cell with the red triangle and the photo will appear.

Updates to the Pattern Inventory Database: New fields and new Search options.


As always - we are always here to help.  Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Call:  855-468-8247 - 9 am to 4 pm Pacific Time.  Email:

October 2020  -  Our 10th Anniversary !!

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since I started Costume Inventory Resources - but its true.  I started with the Costume Inventory Database - a simple database to track costume pieces.  I wanted to provide a tool for theatres, schools, universities and dance companies to keep track of the costumes they had.  Now there are 18 modules for Costume Pieces, Props/Sets, Ensembles, Patterns, Wigs, Jewelry, Equipment and more.  A few brave souls took a chance on me and the software back in 2010 - and now I have over 1200 customers and there are over 875 installations of my software in over 16 countries. 

I knew for the database to be successful I had to provide durable, easy to read, easy to apply inventory tags with barcodes.  I bought one printer, some tag material and started printing.  In 10 years I have printed over 2 million tags and labels for customers to use in costumes, uniforms, props/sets, equipment and many other things.  My tags are on stage or in schools in the USA, Canada, UK and 13 other countries.  They have even gone to Antarctica in expedition wear ! 

I am very happy and proud to call my customers my friends.  Many of you have been with me for many years and I am grateful for the orders but more for the trust you have placed in me and my products. Most of the new features that are added every year are from requests from my customers - who are helping me make the databases better all the time.   I am looking forward to many more years creating software and printing tags and labels - but more importantly helping you get your costume shops, theatres and schools organized.  It is very rewarding if I can make your job easier.

To help celebrate this time I have created a new coupon - 10ANN - which will give you 10% off your order.  The coupon is good until 12/31/2020.  

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Margaret Messick - owner and designer

Costume Inventory Resources

What to do while your production schedule is quiet ...


1)  Inventory your collection - order more tags and labels to put in / on your equipment.
2)  Update the Theatre or Equipment Inventory Database to the newest version (10-10) and learn about the new features.
3)  Make the Ultimate Ditty Bags from kits or the pattern !  You know you will need them when you start productions again.  While you have the time and the sewing machines aren't busy - why not put together 10 or more !

Don't forget to take a look at our Virtual Booth page ! 


September 2020

New version of the Theatre Inventory Database for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of MS Access

I figured out how to make one copy  of the Theatre Inventory Database that will work for both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of  MS Access - which will eliminate a lot of confusion when people download the database and aren't sure what version they have.  Back in 2010 when I started Costume Inventory Resources - almost all installations of MS Access were the 32 bit version.  Now, Microsoft has changed the installation program so that the 64 bit is the default version.   Please contact me before loading the new version of the software if you already have data entered in an earlier version.  I will update your data tables to work with the new version.  The new version # is 10-9a.

New Features in 10-9a

1)  Report calculations updated.  For all modules in the Theatre Inventory Database I have updated the Asset Management Reports and standard reports that are available from the Reports menu - to include the quantity for the items, the Cost Each and the Total value (Cost * Quantity).  If you only have one item per record (and don't use the 'Multiples' feature) you won't notice any difference.  But if you have entered a Quantity of 25 for a box of Bow Ties - now the reports will show you the cost for each one (i.e. $2 each)  and the total value of all 25 * $2 = $50.  

2)  The order of a few fields has changed.  In order to make it easier to see the cost of each item, replacement cost, quantity, and the total value of the items - I moved a few fields around.  I hope this will be easy to adjust to.

Costumes - Fields moved.jpg

3)  The viewing/adding multiple photos improved.  On most laptops that used the database, the 2nd photo would often disappear as you scrolled up and down the form.  It looked like a window shade was being pulled down.  This was caused by the Tab feature that would hold photos 2 - 6.  I have removed the tab feature so you now see photos 1 & 2 on the main screen.  To add/view photos 3-6 (plus # 1&2) you click on the View All Photos.  That way you can see them, add new photos, rotate the photos and see the path for the photo link.


Please take a look at our Virtual Booth page (    

I will be participating in the TxETA - Texas Educational Theatre Assoc Virtual Conference this weekend - Sept 25-26 and again on October 2nd and 3rd.  I will be making a Zoom presentation on Oct 3rd.  I hope you will drop by for a chat.

Next month - October 2020 - is our 10th Anniversary !!  Look for a special coupon and other announcements !

Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions or need help with anything.  We are here to help - M - F - 9am - 4pm Pacific time.

Best wishes, take care and be kind to everyone.


August 2020

Hello !

We hope that you are all healthy and able to work in your theatres and schools.   This is a great time to continue working on your inventory projects.  We have software and tags/labels to help you get everything cataloged and ready for your next production.

1)  Props/Sets - Audio/Video files :  The Theatre Inventory Database and the Props Only database have been updated to show even more about your Props/Sets.   ​You can now attached 2 audio or video files to each prop record.  These files can help you see how a prop moves or the sound a Foley Prop will make.   Here is a link to a short video on how to add the files.

2)  Costumes Only option now available:  If you only want the Costume Pieces and Performance Management (includes Ensembles) modules in the Theatre Inventory Database (not Props/Sets, Scripts or Shop Tools) you can order the Costumes Only version for $300.  This has been designed for Costume Rental shops and Dance Companies who don't deal in Props/Sets or Scripts.   If you have the Standard version now and want to drop the Props/Sets and add the Performance Management (includes Ensembles) - please contact me and I will make adjustments to your version at no cost.  See the prices for the packages here.

3)  FreshStart2020 Discount continued until September 30th.  The Coupon Code is still FreshStart2020

4)  Virtual Booth - I have added a new page to the Website - Virtual Booth.  While it is still a work in progress, there is a picture of a tiny set with Costume Pieces, Props and Sets and a wireless mic.  Then every item is shown with its tags/labels.   I hope to show visitors that they can inventory their costumes, props/sets and equipment to make putting on a production so much easier.  I hope visitors will take a look all the things we have to offer our customers - software, tags and labels, instruction and more.  Let me know what you think of it !

Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions or need help with anything.  We are here to help - M - F - 9am - 4pm Pacific time.

Best wishes, take care and be kind to everyone.



July 2020

Happy Summer to everyone !

We hope you are having a pleasant summer.

There are a few pieces of news I wanted to share with you.

1)  The FreshStart2020 - 10% discount is being extended to August 31st (from July 31st) !  Continue to use the FreshStart2020 coupon code in the store or when you call with an order.

2)  MS Access Runtime:  I realized that the newest version of the Theatre Inventory Database 10-5 which includes the JPEG Rotator function and the memory saving devices (that work in the background) and manage the tabs on the Costume Pieces, Props/Sets, etc screens - don't work with the MS Access Runtime.  I didn't realize this until this week.  To remedy this I have created a new version of the Theatre Inventory Database - RUNTIME.  If you already have data in your tables, please contact me ( so I can work with your to update your computer.  If you are just starting out, you can download the RUNTIME version from the download screen.

 ** This Runtime version of the Theatre Inventory Database does not have all the features of the regular version.  The limitations are:

   1)  You cannot install it on a network (MS Access won't allow you to re-link to tables on the network)
   2)  The JPEG Rotator function is disabled
   3)  You are limited to having 8 tabs open at a time.  The memory saving features to allow more tabs to be open won't work in the Runtime so you have to limit the number of tabs open or the database will close.

   4)  You may still have 6 photos for Costume Pieces, Props, and Wigs but photos 3-6 are only available on a Popup form that you open with the "View/Edit All 6 Photos" button.

  If you are using the Equipment Inventory Database and need a Runtime version for your setup, please contact me.

3)  Music Dept and Uniform Inventory Databases updated with the Rotate feature and Asset Management Reports.  Contact us if you have any questions.

May 2020

Hello to all. 


We are hoping this finds you and your family healthy.  This past few months has been difficult and a bit scary but I am hopeful that things will get better for everyone - especially the theatre and educational communities.  While I have spent a lot of time making masks and scrub hats, I have also worked to improve all the inventory databases - and even finished the Jewelry Inventory Database!

Great time to Inventory your Theatre !  We have heard from several of our customers that they are taking this time to have one or two staffers work on their inventory of costumes, props/sets, equipment and uniforms.  We think that is a great idea!  We are always here to help you with anything regarding your inventory - we can help move the database from a server to your laptop so you can work at home and we will print more inventory tags and labels and ship them to you - where ever you might be.

To help with that we have a few announcements  --

Discounts !!  Until July 31st, we are offering a 10% discount for everything (except the Stage in a Box and Ultimate Ditty Bags (finished bags) - the kits will be available for the discount.)  If you call to place your order I will include the discount.  If you are ordering through the website - enter the code FRESHSTART2020.  We hope this will help a little since we know everyone's budget is really limited at this time.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

New features for the Theatre and Equipment Inventory Databases !  Version 10-5  See notes in the User Guide.

1)  Rotate JPG Photos and get file size information.  You can rotate those photos that are sideways right from the data entry screen.
2)  Jewelry Inventory Database ready - Available as an Add-on to the Theatre Inv DB or Stand-alone database
3)  Asset Management Reports - to print summary reports of all your costumes, props, wigs, lighting and sound equipment, etc.
4)  Print Preview popup - to make viewing and printing reports easier
5)  Improved Performance

Free Upgrades to new versions  -  During this summer we are waiving the upgrade fee for all customers to upgrade from their current versions of the databases to the new one (10-5).  If you would like to upgrade - please contact us so we can discuss how to add the new tables and fields your existing data and install the latest version.  Please don't download and install the newest version as it can over-write you data - which would be awful!

USITT - Forum at Four webinar.  As everyone knows USITT was canceled this year but I was asked to do my presentation "If you can't find it, what will you use on stage??"  as a webinar for USITT.  Here is a link to the YouTube version:  It isn't very exciting but there is a lot of information on starting the process of inventorying your theatre.

Thanks again and please contact us with any questions.  We really appreciate your business.

Best wishes,

ps.  Don't forget that discount !

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

April 2020

I will be presenting a webinar on the USITT - Forum @ Four series:


Tuesday - April 7th - 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific)

Topic:  If you can't find it, you can't use it.  

The webinar will cover how to plan and implement an inventory system for your theatre.

For Zoom advanced registration link: Click here

Here is a brief handout for the webinar: <link>

November 2019

"Query is Corrupt" issue:

On Nov 12th Microsoft released an Office Security update that has impacted MS Access.  If you are getting a "Query is Corrupt " message on the Rentals or any other form don't worry - your data is secure and the issue is with MS Office.  Microsoft has released 2 fixes /patches for 2016 and Office 365.  Other updates will be released during the week of Nov 25th.  I will be sending out an email to all the Inventory Database customers to give them more information on how to install the updates/patches.  This patch may need to be installed by your IT Staff if you don't have administrative privileges on your workstation.  Here is a link to more information: .   

For Office 365 - No download is needed.  Within MS Access (or any Office program) go to File / Account / Update Options (Office Updates) / - click on Update Now - the update only takes a few minutes and fixes the issue.

For Office 2016 - here is the link to download and install the patch: November 18, 2019, update for Office 2016 (KB4484198)


Office 2013  - check back after Nov 28th for a link

Office 2010 - check back after Nov 28th for a link

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help - 855-468-8247 /


September 2019

School has started!  What a great time to get your costumes, props, uniforms and equipment organized.  Please contact us if you have any questions on how to get started!

Fall Conferences:  Peter will be attending the EdTA National Conference in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 20-21.  Margaret will be at TETA TheatreFest in Dallas, TX on Sept 26 - 29.  Please stop by to say "Hi" if you will be at either of these conferences.

The Jewelry Inventory Database is almost here.  Please contact us to get a version to test.

We just received our new shipment of Ditty Bags.  Order yours now!

Price Increases/Decreases:   Good news - The Small 1.25" x 0.5" and the Tiny 7/8" x 3/8" INDUSTRIAL labels have decreased in price by a few cents each.  Unfortunately, the costs of many of my other materials and products have gone up.  I was planning to release a new price list July 1 but one of my barcode scanners was recently discontinued by the manufacturer and I am trying to get new pricing for it.  The new price schedule is now published on the Price List page.  There are small increases for almost everything - sorry !  If you received a quote recently, the prices on the quote will be honored for 6 months.  If you order after that period you will see the new prices on the invoice.


August 2019

The Ultimate Ditty Bags ! Currently we are very low on stock (9) but more are on the way and will be here by Sept 6th.  Please call us if you are interested in a large quantity.  We have plenty of Ultimate Ditty Bag Kits (all fabric and notions) and the Ultimate Ditty Bag Pattern.

July 2019

New versions of databases:  The Theatre Inventory Database and the Equipment Inventory Database (32 bit and 64 bit) have been updated.  I will be listing the new features in the User Guide soon but here is a quick list:


1)  Costumes and Props:  The Checkouts for multiples (many identical items with the same Tag ID) has been updated so you can enter the number of the multiple item checked out (i.e. 4 Bow Ties).  When you check that item back in - you have to do it from the Checkout / Rental screen (not the Quick Check-in) and you have to enter the quantity that was returned.  If the quantity returned is less than the quantity checked out the item will not be marked as checked in.  The Checkout and Rental reports have been updated to reflect the quantity checked out and checked in.

2)  Costume Pieces:  Three new fields, Hem Length, Sleeves and Location Notes, have been added to the Costume Pieces form.  The  Hem and Sleeve fields let you select from a drop-down with choices for different hem lengths and types of sleeves.  You can do searches on these two fields as well.  The Location Notes field is a text field to enter anything you might need to help describe the storage location.

3)  New Reports - Available Costumes.   A new report which lists the costumes and those that are 'available' (i.e. not checked out).  The report is in two places - the Costume Pieces Reports menu (you can select by Costume Type or All Costumes) and as a report from the Search Results screen.  You can do a search on the Costume Pieces, see the Results and print a report with the costumes listed with the size and the number of pieces available.

4)  Props/Sets:  There is now a feature for Rental Packages.  If you have an item - like a table and matching chairs that need to be rented all together, you can create a "Package" and list all the items.  When you rent an item from the package the program will ask if you want to rent all the parts of the package and if yes, it will check out all the parts of the package.  Additional reports on the Packages are also available.

5)  New Module: Scene Shop Tools.  The Scene Shop Tools module lets you inventory your tools from the scene shop.  This module includes the data entry form, searches and reports.  Since most organizations don't loan out tools there is no Checkout or Rental feature.  The add-on is $50.


1)  Two new modules have been added:  Stage Properties and Consoles/Computers.  These are add-on (extra fee) modules that will track your stage properties (curtains, scrims, orchestra chairs, podiums, etc) and consoles (Lighting, Sound, Rigging) and computers.  

2)  For all equipment there is a new field - Receipt Document.  This is a link to a PDF for the original receipt for the item.  Often when you are making a claim to an insurance company they will want to see documentation on the original purchase.  If you scan the document and put it on your computer in a folder just for PDF documents, then you can link that receipt to the item.  

If you would like to upgrade your current version to the 9-7 version, please contact me so that I can schedule a time to do the update.  If you have purchased the database or an upgrade in the last 12 months, the upgrade is no charge.  If it is longer than 12 months, the cost is $75 (plus the cost of any add-on modules you want).

The Uniform Inventory Database was updated a few months ago.  If you have not upgraded to the new version yet, please contact me.

Price Increases:  Unfortunately, the costs of many of my materials and products have gone up.  I was planning to release a new price list July 1 but one of my barcode scanners was recently discontinued by the manufacturer and I am trying to get new pricing for it.  The new price schedule will be released August 1st.  There are small increases for almost everything - sorry !  If you received a quote recently, the prices on the quote will be honored for 6 months.  If you order after that period you will see the new prices on the invoice.

Office 365 - The current version of Office 365 that you download and install from the website is the 64 Bit version.  The default version of the Inventory Databases is the 32 bit version.  The Inventory Database version (32 vs 64) has to match the Office/Access version (32 vs 64).   The 64 bit version is available by clicking on the 64Bit version button.  Please contact us for help with your installation if you have any questions.

May 2019

New versions of Theatre and Equipment Inventory Databases are coming soon.  Check back to see when they will be ready.

Scene Shop Tools has been added to the Theatre Inventory Database as an Add-on to version 9-5.  Many of my Props Masters wanted a way to track their tools and other equipment so this module has been added.  It is just an inventory module and does not have the option to check/rent the tools.  The Add-on is $50.

Stage Properties has been added to Equipment Inventory Database.  Need a place to inventory your Drapery, Scrims, Grand Pianos??  The Stage Properties module allows you to inventory, do searches and run reports.  The Add-on is $50.

Price Increases July 1st.    I'm sorry to say that the prices on several things is going up.  The Wireless Barcode Scanners I have used for the last 5 years has been discontinued and the replacement is $20 more (ouch !).  The Petite Presses are going up $5 in price and the tag prices plus postage have all gone up.  The new price list is here.  Any quotes that were given prior to July 1st will still have the same pricing - up to 6 months from the date of the quote.  Any new orders after July 1st will reflect the new pricing.  You will see a price increase of 1 cent on several (but not all) of the tags and labels.  The cost of the Packages (Complete and Startup) will go up to reflect the increase in the prices of the components.   The Inventory Databases are also going up a bit.  New features and modules are being added all the time and the prices reflect this.

USITT 2019 was Great !

USITT 2019 Booth.jpg

We want to thank all the USITT Attendees for stopping by our booth to view the Inventory Databases, Tags and Labels, The Ultimate Ditty Bag and Hoopwire !  If you missed us and would like to get some of our brochures - just drop us an email at and we  will send them to you right away.  If you would like a PDF copy of the Presentation slides from my Presentation "If you can't find it what will you use on stage???", click here to download it.

Here are the new Tag & Label Sample boards. (Click on them to enlarge.)  If you would like to receive some free, customized tags or labels - just request them here.

Costumes, Wigs, Accessories -SampleBoard
Props & Sets - Sample Tags and Labels
Equipment Sample Labels

USITT - Louisville here we come !

Please join us at USITT in Louisville, March 21-23rd.  You can still get a free pass to the Stage Expo and stop by our booth - # 624.  Just click here to go to the USITT Registration page.  If you have any questions or issues - please let me know.

We will be showing the Theatre Inventory Database with the Add-ons Patterns, Wigs, Scene Shop Tools (New) and Jewelry (still not finished but we will be showing a demo), plus the Equipment - Lighting , Sound and Tools Inventory Databases.  We will have lots of handouts, some free samples of tags and labels.  We have set up a small 'stage set' so you can see the items on stage and a Production Catalog with all the items used on the set in an easy-to-read book.


We will also have a mini network set up so you can see how you can share the databases.

Of course we will have the Ultimate Ditty Bag plus an exhibit of HoopWire - to help you with your costumes and tutus.


Stop by and get a coupon to use on your first order ! 

Spring 2019 - Out of Office Dates

     March 19 - 22nd  Tuesday - Friday  USITT 

   We will be available by email during these dates.  Please contact us:

December 2018

Database Updates:

Theatre Inventory Database:  The Theatre Inventory Database  version 8-12 (32 and 64 Bit) has been updated to include:

  1. The Costume Pieces, Props and Wigs screens have be updated to allow you to 'Find' an item by the Tag ID without having to go to the Search dialog box.

  2. Fitting Fees - For the Organizational Rentals (not simple Checkouts)  customers can return items after a few days and only be charged a percentage of the Rental Fee or a fixed amount (you choose).  The Receipts have been updated to print a logo, show the Fee Summary more clearly and to give you the choice of what to call the receipt (invoice, contract or anything else.)

  3. Reports - Some of the reports have been updated to calculate the correct number of items in the collection if there are 'Multiples' of some Costume pieces.

  4. Wigs - Wigs can now be assigned to a Production like the Costumes Pieces and Props/Sets.

  5. Props have the Multiples option and the Qty Field and Qty Available.  When checking out Props you can enter the Quantity checked out.

See the New Feature Notes in the User Guide:   Click Here 

If you are ready to upgrade to the latest version, please call us so we can help update your data tables to work with the new version.

Theatre Inventory Database - International English - This database has been updated with all the current features and has all reports designed for the A4 paper size and is available for 32 and 64 bit versions of MS Access.

Wigs Inventory Database:  The Wigs Inventory Database is now available as a Stand-alone database.  It can still be used in the Theatre Inventory Database but if you only want to track you Wigs Collection - you can do that now.

Uniform Inventory Database :  The Uniform and Music Dept databases have been updated to make them more user friendly.  The Uniform Inventory Database has become quite popular with schools (to track school uniforms), security firms and casinos to track employee uniforms.   The database module names can be updated to reflect the types of uniforms or people (students or employees) you have.

New sizes of Inventory Labels:  The 'Industrial or Extra Sticky' labels have been very popular with our customers.  We now have 2 new sizes for this label:  the 'Small' 1.25" x 0.5" and the 'Tiny' 7/8" x 3/8".  Call or email us if you would like to receive samples.  We will be adding them to the store very soon but you can order them over the phone if you want.

The Ultimate Ditty Bag Pattern is now available in the store.  If you want to make a lot of Ditty Bags and buy your own fabric and notions - you can just buy the Ditty Bag Pattern.  Look here in the store for the Pattern.

We are looking forward to the USITT Conference in March in Louisville, Kentucky on March 20th, 2019.  We will have an expanded booth to show off all the different software products.  In January we will be able to give you a free pass the Expo if you live in the area and are wanting to come see all vendors.  Contact us if you would like a free pass.

Our prices will be going up a few percent in 2019 due to rising costs.  It will not be much but I have to keep up with my costs.  Tag and Label prices will be going up a  2 or 3 percent. The Complete and Startup packages and the Ultimate Ditty Bag will go up a few dollars.  Order before the end of the year to avoid these prices increases.

Hoopwire:  We now have a link to the Hoopwire website - on our website.  If you need any wire or boning to help create the right shape for a skirt, dress or tutu - this is the place to get it.

September 2018

July 2018

Two New Sizes of Tags and Labels are now available! 


Tiny Iron-on tags:  For those costumers who want a very small, inconspicuous iron-on tag we now have a tag that is 7/8" x 1/4"  that you can iron-on with the Petite Press.  Click here for instructions on how to do it.  These are the same types of tags that you see Dry Cleaners use.  The price for the tags are 12 cents each and no minimum order.  There is room for the barcode, number and 2 very small lines of text or your company/theatre's initials.

Small Industrial Labels - for small equipment or shoes:  

Several customers have asked for smaller industrial labels.  They like the way they stick to a lot of different surfaces but wanted a smaller size.   We now have a 1.25" X 0.5" Industrial Label for $0.30 each.  They are more expensive than the standard adhesive label but are more durable and sticky.  

Database Updates:

Theatre Inventory Database:  The Theatre Inventory Database  version 8-9 (32 and 64 Bit) has been updated to include:

  1)  Dry Cleaner module - to send clothes out to the Dry Cleaner and check them back in when they return.  You can also add a Dry Cleaner Fee to each costume piece that will be added to a Rental/Checkout Record.

  2)  New Rental Reports - you can get a list of all things Still Checked Out - by Tag ID and Return Due date.  These are condensed reports and easier to find things.  There are also a new "Brief Receipt-Current" to show only the items that are still checked out on a rental/checkout.  So it a customer brings back 10 things you can print a list of only the items they still have.  You can also print your logo on the top left corner of the receipts and even change the name of the receipt to "Contract", "Invoice" or anything you want.

   If you would like to upgrade to the new version, please contact us at

Equipment Inventory Database:  The Equipment Inventory Database version 8-9 (32 and 64 Bit) have many new fields, features and reports.  The list is very long so it is best to checkout the User Guide New Features List here.   If you would like to upgrade to the new version, please contact us at

March 2018

USITT in Ft. Lauderdale is this month.  Over 5,000 tech theatre professionals and students all come to the convention center to learn new things, meet old friends and make new ones.  If you are in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area - contact me so I can give you a free pass the Stage Expo!

The Equipment Inventory Database has been updated and the User Guide finally written !!  See the User Guide at   Download the latest version, 8-3, and see the all the features and reports.  If you currently have the Equipment database (or any of the modules - Lighting, Sound/Multi-Media, or Tools) contact me so I can get you up to speed with the newest version.

New Resource Guides - I have created 4 new Storage Box Labeling Resource Guides - They will help you print Lists of Contents, Box Titles, Individual Tag ID Labels for Boxes (like Hat/Helmet boxes), and Box Numbers.  All can be printed from the Theatre Inventory Database.

February 2018

Tag and Label price increases on the way !  I was just informed that my tag and label material costs are going up.  My supplier has told me that their costs have risen and any orders after March 1st will have a 10% price increase.  So - my tag and label prices will go up about 5% (as the materials and ribbons are only part of the cost of the finished tags).  So place any orders you might be thinking about very soon.  All quote will be honored until the expiration date but not beyond.  Thanks.

USITT - Ft. Lauderdale is right around the corner - March 14-17th.  We hope to see you at our booth # 2624 .  

January 2018

Theatre Inventory Database 8-1 is now available.  The new features include:  the "Multiples" and "Disposable" options which allow you to put one Tag ID on multiple items - such as a box of belts, gloves, bow ties, etc.  The Disposable option allows you to checkout an item - such as stockings or a box of eyelashes - that you don't want returned.  See the User Guide - New Features section for more information.

The Uniform Inventory Database has be changed to the Music Dept Inventory Database.  The Music Dept Inventory Database catalogs Uniforms (Band Uniforms, Choir and Orchestra formals, etc), Instruments, Sheet Music and Equipment/Props/Flags.  You can download the 30-day free trial.  *** Special Note - if you are a Theatre Teacher and you refer your Band/Orchestra teacher - and they contact us - you both get a 10% off Coupon !

The Work Uniform Inventory Database is almost ready.  This is a smaller database application to track Uniforms and Equipment (like radios, tool belts, etc).  It is great for security companies, landscaping, medical offices, etc that only need to track uniforms and equipment and who has checked those items out.

In 2017 we passed the 1 million mark for numbers of tags and labels printed !!  Our inventory tags are now in 12 countries around the world.

The office will be closed January 24-27th as I will be attending the Texas Educational Theatre Association Conference in Galveston, TX.  I will be checking email but unable to answer calls.

December 2017
New releases of the Theatre Inventory Database, Music Dept. Inventory Database and a new Work Uniform Inventory Database will be coming soon.  Watch for an email in early January.
December 15th we will be closed as our power will be out all day for the power company to do repairs in our neighborhood.  If you need to contact me, please send an email and I will contact you as soon as I can.  Thanks.
I have added a Calendar of open/closed/conference dates to the Home Page.  Please check there to see what days are open during the December holidays.

The Techie Green Room     Here is a new site to help school theatre production people with ideas and resources.  The site hopes (In their words) "To be a place for middle and high school drama teachers and technical directors to come to be inspired, to help others, and to share successes and failures to be used as learning tools."  Check it out for new ideas and connect to other techies.

Good News ! The prices of most of our products will remain the same for 2018 as there are no significant price increases for postage or our materials (tags and labels).  We are waiting to see if there are any increases in Barcode Scanners and Rack Dividers - but they are not expected to be more than a dollar or two.
Best wishes for the holidays and New Year.  See you in 2018.
October 2017  
Theatre Inventory Database - Version 7-10 has just been released.  The new features include - keeping a Costume Piece Repair history - now you can keep track of many repairs and alterations for a garment, the Performer / Student record now has 2 new fields - School Year (to track when students graduate) and Outseam - for help measuring pants.  It is also easy to update the lookups for the Performer data on the Performer Utility form (Eye Color, Hair Color, Gender, Student Type).  Contact us if you want to upgrade.
We are getting ready for the NAfME (National Assoc. for Music Educators) conference in Dallas (Grapevine), Tx in November.   I hope to see lots of music teachers and band directors there.
We have a lot of Ultimate Ditty Bags in stock now - please place your orders before Dec 15th if you need them in January.
The Store ( now accepts reviews of products.  If you have purchased a product and want to leave us a review - we would really appreciate it.  All reviews (good and bad) help our customers make choices of what is best for them to buy.
New Resource Guide - Printing Your Own Tags.   Several customers have asked about printing their own tags and labels with barcodes.  I have prepared a Resource Guide to explain what you need to set up and start printing.  Take a look if you are interested.

August 2017

Look for our ad in Stage Directions Theatre Resources Directory

If you can tell us what page # our ad is on - I will send you a 10% Discount coupon to use on your next order !

Upcoming Conferences -


          EdTA National Conference - Sept 14 - 16, 2017 Nashville, TN - check back soon for our booth number.

          NAfME - November 12-14, 2017 - Dallas, TX

          TETA - January 24 - 27, 2018 Galveston, TX

          USITT - March 14-17, 2018 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Booth # 2624

July 2017
New Product:  Clear Laminate labels!
Several customers liked our Extra Durable 2 part label but like the ultra strong adhesive of the Industrial labels.  They asked for a clear laminate to go over the Industrial Label to protect if from abrasion when moving equipment and equipment cases.  So now we offer a large, clear laminate label to go over the Industrial (and the Large Adhesive) labels.  They are sold in packages of 100 labels.
Equipment Inventory Database - Updated
The Equipment Inventory Database which we released in June has already had one update.  We added a field for Cable Type in the Accessories and found a few items we missed and fixed.  Contact us to get a free upgrade.
Uniform Inventory Database  - Updated
The Uniform Inventory Database has been updated to fix a few small bugs and add a few new features.  The Uniform Inventory Database is designed to help schools with marching bands, orchestras, and choirs keep track of their uniforms, musical instruments and equipment.  It can easily be adapted for a company (security, fire department, landscaping, etc.) keeping track of uniforms and equipment.  
Pattern Inventory Database - Updated to 7-7
The Pattern Inventory Database has had a small update.  We have added 3 fields - Pattern Type (Sewing, Knitting, Craft, etc), Pattern Year (to help you inventory those patterns where the Pattern Company has used the same # twice) and Condition.  The stand-alone version of the database is designed for both standard paper sizes and A4.  
The Pattern Module in the Theatre Inventory Database also has a new Photo Gallery feature for all linked costumes.  The Pattern Module reports follow the paper size for the database (either the Theatre Inventory Database or Theatre Inventory Database -International English).  
Contact us to get your database upgraded today!
New Resource Guide - Creating Organized Storage Boxes
June 2017
Click here to read/download the newest Resource Guide - Creating Organized Storage Boxes.  This Resource Guide will give you all the steps and list of materials you need to create stacks of organized boxes and bins.

Equipment Inventory Database is here !!!!! (finally!)                                     June 2017

The Equipment Inventory Database with the Lighting, Sound, and Tools modules is finally finished and ready to download.  It has the following features:

1)  Lighting Inventory Database - to track Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos, and Gels.  You can rent all lighting items to other organizations.  You can assign Fixtures with their Accessories, Gobos and Gels to a Fixture In Use record for a Production so you can track all lighting equipment used in a Production.  New fields have been added to the Fixture record to make it more complete.  The Gobos now has a Photo Gallery screen to view all the images of the Gobos you have entered.

2)  Sound Inventory Database - to track all Sound and A/V Equipment.  Sound Equipment can be rented to other organizations.  Sound Equipment - such as Mic Packs - can also be assigned to performers in a Production.  Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track of them all !

3)  Tools Inventory Database - to track Tools and other Equipment from the Scene Shop or back stage.  Tools can be checked out to other organizations.  

4)  All databases have extensive search functions and reports to print to your printer or a PDF to email or post on a website.

Check out the screen shots here to see the new features.

You can download the 30-day trial here.  If you already have the Lighting or Sound Database and would like to upgrade - give me a call or email and we will get the new version to you.

The User Guide is not quite ready but check back for updates and links from the Equipment Inventory page.

Theatre Inventory Database - 7-5  Now on the Website:

The latest version of the Theatre Inventory Database is now available for download.  The new features include:

Inventory Owner Module has been improved with new features, reports and rental receipts.

Props - Has a Repair History to show all repairs.  New fields for "Is Functional?", "Can it be Painted ? " etc.

Wigs Module - a few updates to the wig rental modules

Add Props to Ensembles

New Performer Audition fields including 3 places for videos and 1 pdf/doc file

New Reports - List of Costumes for Performance sorted by Cleaning Codes, List of Ensembles by Date Updated, New Box report

If you currently have an earlier version of the Theatre Inventory Database and would like to upgrade to 7-5, please contact me so that I can help you.  Upgrades to the newest verisons are available for free for the first year then $75 after that.

A List of New Features is in the User Guide here.

EdTA National Conference - Nashville, TN  

Costume Inventory Resources will be at the EdTA (Educational Theatre Association) National Conference in Nashville, TN on Sept 14th - 16th.   I hope to see you there !

Look here (in the Support/Tutorials section) for help on getting your wireless scanner to talk to you computer.

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