The Uniform Inventory Database

The Uniform Inventory Database is a great way to catalog your Uniforms and Equipment that is used by your Employees,  Athletes or Students.

A great way to catalog uniforms for:

  • Students in organizations like ROTC and JROTC

  • Security company employees

  • Medical / Fire personnel

  • Military personnel

  • Athletic and Cheer leader teams

  • Casino employees

  • Housekeeping employees

It is a simple database with only 2 modules - Uniforms and Equipment.  You can create a record for each employee (athlete/student), assign the employee/student to a department (or Team), check items out to your employees/students, do searches and print reports.

You can set the titles to the Application and features like the Individuals (Students, Employees, etc.), Departments (Classes, Activities, etc.) to be anything you want.

Click here   or see below for an easy to follow list of Basic Steps for starting the Uniform Inventory Database.

Click here download the 30-day free trial.         Go to Store to Purchase

Combine the database with our custom printed inventory tags (for garments) and labels (for equipment) for an easy-to-use efficient system to manage you uniforms and equipment.

Prices start at $200 for the software. 


Save $$ when you buy a package including the Uniform Inventory Database, Tags (for Uniforms) and Labels (Equipment).  Click here for the Uniform Inventory Price List.

Here are 2 videos to show you the basics of the Uniform Inventory Database.

Part 1 - Uniforms

Part 2 - Equipment, Departments, Checkout, Reports

Screen Prints of the Uniform Inventory Database


** All Software is licensed to the organization and can be installed on a single PC or a network.  The cost is a one-time cost.  There are no recurring charges.  See licensing and cost information here.  The software runs on a Windows PC Only.


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