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Petite Press

The Dritz Petite Press™ is a great way to apply the Iron-on Inventory tags to garments.  

We recommend the Petite Press™  for applying our Iron-on inventory tags.  It has a small foot plate which makes it easy to have the iron flat against the entire tag - even in small places.  Use heat setting #4 (350̊ or more) for 6 or more seconds per press.  Look for a small amount of glue around the edge of the tag after ironing. Check the edges of the tag to be sure it is really attached securely to the garment.  Iron-on tags can be re-ironed if they come loose .

The Petite Press™ is available in our store and several sewing and crafts retailers.   Look for it in the Quilting section of the fabric stores.

Sorry - this item is not available in dual voltage.  It is only available at 110 Volts, 35 watt.  If you plan to use it outside the USA/Canada be aware that it is not designed for other voltage / plug designs.

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