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Shipping Information

USA -  All USA orders are shipped by Priority Mail with a 2 or 3 day delivery time.  If you wish to receive your order overnight or require a Fed Ex delivery, additional fees will be added to your order.

Canada -   The preferred shipping method for orders to Canada is Fed Ex but it is a bit more

expensive than the Post Office.  Fed Ex packages get delivered quickly and are trackable.  Shipping fees (US Post Office or Fed Ex) will be added to the order once the order is complete.  Orders can be shipped through the US / Canadian Post Office but it takes a long time to get through Customs and I have had packages returned as undeliverable (when they have the correct address).  

International -  All packages to countries outside the USA and Canada will be shipped by Fed Ex.  Additional fees will be added to the order at the time of shipment.

Lost Packages   -  Once in a while a package is shipped from our office and does not reach the customer.  If the package was sent by the US Post Office I can track it and reschedule delivery.  If the package was sent internationally I can also track it through either the Post Office or Fed Ex but I have less control over finding the package.
If a package was delivered but the actual customer did not receive it - then we have a problem.  I cannot get the insurance from the carrier as they have delivered it.  The customer still doesn't have the product they paid for.   I will replace the products up to $250.  If the products total cost is more than $250 the customer is responsible for paying the difference.
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