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Rack Dividers and Adhesive Business Card Holders

Rack Dividers 

Our King-Size Rack Dividers are great to help keep your costumes organized on your rack.  Each divider is 9.25" tall by 3.75" wide.  The Rack Dividers are blank but you can print labels from the database with the names of your Productions or the Roles within a Production or use the Adhesive Business Card holders (see below) to put in temporary Production/Role information.

Click here to download a Resource Guide with a supply list.

Adhesive Business Card Holders

Our Adhesive Business Card Holders (see the photo left) are the perfect size for the King Size Rack Dividers.  The business card holders hold the business cards printed from the Theatre Inventory Database.  They are a great way to mark costumes on racks in the changing rooms during a performance.  The cards come right out after the performance so they are ready for the next show.  The Business Card Holders are sold in packs of 50.  (Note: these are similar to the Avery Business card holders but are slightly smaller so they don’t extend beyond the edge of the rack divider and have better adhesive.)  

Click here to download a Resource Guide with a supply list.

** Special - Buy 50 Rack Dividers plus 50 Adhesive Business Card Holder get an 8% discount.  See options under either Rack Dividers or Business card holders in the Store.

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