I want to Inventory my Theatre Costumes !
If you are interested in creating an Inventory of your Costumes for your theatre, school or dance company - these are the pages that might be of interest...
An easy-to-use database to inventory your costumes, props, wigs and patterns.
In addition you can create records for each actor to record their measurements and contact information.
For each Production (Play, Musical, Ballet, etc.) you can create a list of roles and assign performers and their complete costume list to each role.
Custom printed inventory tags with barcodes for garments and labels for shoes, accessories, props/sets, etc.
We offer 2 types of barcode scanners.  Use the scanner to scan the barcode tags to add records, checkout out costumes and check them back in quickly.
The Petite Press (by Dritz) is a great little iron to apply the Iron-on Inventory tags.  It gets very hot and is small enough to fit in small places.
The Ultimate Ditty Bag is a great way to keep an actor's small costume pieces, jewelry and accessories together back stage.
Our King-sized Rack Dividers are great for keeping your costumes organized in the storage area and dressing rooms.
If you store any of your costumes or accessories in bins or boxes you will want to put a list of what is in the box on the front.  You can print a list of the contents from the Reports menu.  If you have a small box you can get the 4" x 6" pockets from our store.  For larger lists you can use an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet protector.
Check out this Resource Guide for Creating Organized Storage Bins.