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Iron-on tag in shirt
Iron-on tag
Leather Glove with Iron-on tag
Petite Press Iron
Applying the Iron-on tag
Iron-on Tag
Good for most cotton/linen/wool fabrics.  All tags are custom printed with any text or logo plus sequential numbers and barcodes (optional).  Our standard Iron-on tags are 1.5" wide and 1" tall (but can be customized to other sizes.  The tags come on a continuous roll and you cut each tag off as you need it.  Visit our Tutorial page to see how to use them.

Tiny Iron-on Tags

Our newest iron-on tags are 1" x 1/4" - very tiny and inconspicuous.  They are great for Film/TV companies to use in their garments.  They come on a roll but can be lifted off the backing.  These tags need a little more care in applying to garments.  Click here for instructions.

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