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Database Installation Road Map

OK - You have decided to try or buy on of the Inventory Databases.  Follow this map to get it installed and on your way!

 1.  MS Access

All Inventory Databases run in Windows on MS Access.  There are 2 versions - 32 and 64 bit for 2010, 2016 and Office 365.  The Inventory DBs will work with either one - but you have to download the one designed to work with the correct version.

 2.  Download

Go to the 'Download Database' menu item to download the correct version.

32 Bit?

Download from 1st Screen

64 Bit?

Download from 64 Bit Screen

 2.  Download

Find out if you have 'Admin' privileges to install programs.

Yes ?  Great  - go to next step.

No ?  Please contact your IT Staff to help you.

 3.  Admin Priviledges

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