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I want to Inventory my Patterns !
If you are interested in creating an Inventory of your Patterns for your costume shop or sewing studio - these are the pages that might be of interest...
The Patterns Inventory Database can be a single database or a module ("Add-on") to the Theatre Inventory Database.   Once you purchase the Theatre Inventory Database you can "add-on" the Patterns module for a small fee.
You can create a record for each pattern and scan in the pattern envelope front and back for reference.  You can do searches, print reports and link the patterns to costume pieces in the Theatre Inventory Database.
If you store any of your Patterns in bins or boxes you will want to put a list of what is in the box on the front.  You can print a list of the contents from the Patterns Reports screen.  If you have a small box you can get the 4" x 6" pockets from our store.  For larger lists you can use an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet protector.
Check out this Resource Guide for Creating Organized Storage Bins.
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