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Ordering Options

1)    Order the JROTC Uniform Database Package from the webstore.  It includes:

    JROTC Uniform Inventory Database (Software for 1 or more workstations)
   500 1.5" x 1" Iron-on Tags
   Dritz Petite Press
   Inatack Wireless Barcode Scanner
   Mini-Ironing Board

    Price: $495 (Free shipping, Sales Tax for CA schools only).  Credit Cards only.

    If you need more tags or other items you can order them individually from the store .

    You can order additional tags/labels at any time.

2)    Download and fill in the worksheet then email to Uniform Inventory Resources.  We will create a quote for you.  You can order/pay with a Purchase Order, Credit Card or Check.  By filling in the worksheet you can customize your order.

3)  Fill in the form below and submit it.  We will create a quote and email it to you.

Once we receive the Purchase Order or payment from your school we will send you the Software Registration Key for the software and print your inventory tags.  Shipment is by USPS Priority Mail unless you make other arrangements.

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