Looking to rent costumes or props for your next production?  Here is a list of Costume Inventory Resouces customers with a brief list of what they have to offer and links to view their websites.  


Costume Inventory Resources is not responsible for the correctness of the information or the availability of their costumes and props.

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Theatre Inventory Connect! is a free service for Costume Inventory Resources customers.  You may send us your contact information, website and 10 show names  that you have with costumes/props  to rent.  Potential customers can search for productions, specialties or you by name.  We will publish your information and links so that you can connect with other theatres and schools.  Contact us for more information.  Click here to download an information worksheet.


855-468-8247 (USA/Canada)

530-753-7143 (International)

FAX: 888-282-7743

EMail: info@costumeinventory.com

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