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How to Apply Iron-on Tags

  1.  Cut a few tags off the roll.  Look for the tiny bars at the top of the tag and cut.

  2. Preheat the Petite Press to setting 4 (350∘).  Wait until the red light stops flashing.

  3. Position the uniform over the Mini Ironing Board where you plan to apply the tag.

  4. Place the tag on the uniform.  Place the Petite Press on the tag and hold firmly for 6-10 seconds.  The iron will not cover the entire 1.5" x 1" tag in one pressing.  Move the iron to a new location and press again.        

  5. Check that the tag is adhered.  If there are corners that are not fully adhered, press again for 6 - 10 seconds.


* Note: If a tag comes off after washing - you may apply it again - or request a replacement tag from Uniform Inventory Resources.          

Costume & Uniform Inventory Resources is not responsible for loss of tags or damage caused by applying tags. 

We provide free samples and encourage customers to test the tags before applying to uniforms.

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