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The Pattern Inventory Database provides a simple database to enter and track sewing patterns. It is designed for an individual or any organization's costume shop. The database stores your sewing pattern information - pattern company, pattern number, photo or scan of the pattern envelope front and back, description, storage location and more. Details of the pattern envelope can be scanned into the record or a photo of the completed outfit can be placed in the Pattern record. Easy to administer on a desktop computer or network.

 The Pattern Inventory module is available to install in the Theatre Inventory Database.  When installed it will allow you to link patterns to costume pieces that were made from the patterns.  Contact us for more information.

The program will allow you to track:
  • Pattern Number 
  • Pattern Company 
  • Time Period 
  • Size 
  • Category (mens, womens, etc.) 
  • Storage Location 
  • Description 
  • Comments 
Additionally it will allow you to add two images. The images can be photos of completed garments that use the pattern or the pattern envelope front and back. Each photo can be enlarged and zoomed to see more detail of the pattern envelope or costume photo.  Images of the pattern envelope can be scanned in from a desktop scanner.

Pattern records can be searched by Pattern Company, Category or Description.  The results of searches can be displayed or printed.

A variety of reports can be printed or exported to a pdf file which can be emailed to your phone or others.  Emailing a list of patterns to yourself makes it easier to review the patterns you have when you go to the fabric store to look at new patterns.

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Want to see more information?  Click here for the Quick Start Guide.